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Central/Southwest Regions – February 13-20, 2015

Comment Deadline: January 30, 2015 ACR Deadline: December 15, 2014

Location: Wasilla – Lake Lucille Inn

Meeting Summary (PDF 122 kB)

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC000 (PDF 103 kB) RC Log Central-Southwest Region 2015
RC005 (PDF 653 kB) ADF&G Boards On-Time Comment Matrix
RC006 (PDF 379 kB) ADF&G Bison Habitat Area Map
RC007 (PDF 22 kB) Donald Lietzau Comment on Proposal 95
RC008 (PDF 118 kB) Greg Jennen Comment on Proposal 210
RC009 (PDF 45 kB) Matt Kopec Comment on Proposal 209
RC010 (PDF 17 kB) Daniel Blair Comment on Proposal 209-211
RC011 (PDF 962 kB) Machetanz Elementary Comment on Proposal 105
RC012 (PDF 682 kB) Machetanz Elementary Comment on Proposal 105 2
RC013 (PDF 48 kB) Whittier Boat Owners Assc Comment On Proposals 209-211
RC014 (PDF 202 kB) Middle Nenana River AC Minutes Dec 2
RC015 (PDF 191 kB) Middle Nenana River AC Minutes Feb 4
RC016 (PDF 484 kB) ADF&G Subsistence Questionnaire for CSH
RC017 (PDF 576 kB) ADF&G Subsistence 2nd Questionnaire for CSH
RC018 (PDF 45 kB) ADF&G Subsistence Matrix on CSH
RC019 (PDF 122 kB) ADF&G Subsistence Substitute Language on Proposal 71
RC020 (PDF 760 kB) Upper & Lower Kobuk AC Minutes
RC021 (PDF 75 kB) USFWS Togiak NWR Comments on Proposal 53
RC022 (PDF 302 kB) Southern Norton Sound AC Minutes
RC023 (PDF 236 kB) John Miller et al Comments on Proposal 209-211
RC024 (PDF 333 kB) North Slope AC Minutes
RC025 (PDF 250 kB) Anchorage AC Additional Comments
RC026 (PDF 74 kB) Susitna Valley AC Minutes
RC027 (PDF 44 kB) Togiak AC Minutes
RC028 (PDF 601 kB) Copper Basin AC Minutes
RC029 (PDF 83 kB) USFWS Togiak NWR Comment on Proposal 53
RC030 (PDF 193 kB) Homer AC Minutes
RC031 (PDF 182 kB) Kotzebue Sound-N Seward Peninsula-Noatak & Kivalina ACs Minutes
RC032 (PDF 172 kB) Northern Seward Peninsula AC Minutes
RC033 (PDF 29 kB) Jim Tilly Comments
RC034 (PDF 95 kB) ADFG Boards Modify ACR Policy
RC035 (PDF 58 kB) ADFG Boards Repeal Unit 8 Bison Hunt
RC036 (PDF 77 kB) Tom Lamal Comments on Proposals 109 and 118
RC037 (PDF 240 kB) BOG Draft Letter to NPS
RC038 (PDF 151 kB) Kotzebue Sound-N Seward Peninsula-Noatak & Kivalina ACs Minutes 2
RC039 (PDF 210 kB) Tom OConnor Nushagak AC
RC040 (PDF 196 kB) AWT Memorandum Proposal 201
RC041 (PDF 113 kB) ADFG BDS Public Testimony Log
RC042 (PDF 88 kB) Mike McCann Comments on Dall Sheep
RC043 (PDF 103 kB) Virgil Umphenour Comments on Sheep Proposals
RC044 (PDF 32 kB) Ritch Guthrie Use of Aircraft to Spot Sheep
RC045 (PDF 11 kB) Al Barrette Request to Withdraw Proposal 194
RC046 (PDF 98 kB) ADFG Subsistence Prop 70 Slides
RC047 (PDF 53 kB) Joe Want Sheep Age
RC048 (PDF 145 kB) Tony Russ Comment on Proposals 207 & 208
RC049 (PDF 410 kB) Ivan Clark Sheep Data
RC050 (PDF 170 kB) Jeff Pralle Comments on Sheep Proposals
RC051 (PDF 69 kB) Dan Montgomery Proposal 108 Comments
RC052 (PDF 173 kB) Mike McCrary Comment on Sheep
RC053 (PDF 83 kB) Tom Lohuis Sheep Hunter Effort
RC054 (PDF 173 kB) Minto Nenana AC Minutes
RC055 (PDF 150 kB) Mark Richards AK Backhunters Presentation
RC056 (PDF 517 kB) AK Professional Hunters Assoc Proposal Comments
RC057 (PDF 163 kB) Clint Mayeur Prop 90 comments
RC058 (PDF 103 kB) Dan Montgomery Prop 106-107 Comments
RC059 (PDF 239 kB) Robert Fithian Testimony
RC060 (PDF 198 kB) Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Cons Cncl Sec Jewell
RC061 (PDF 102 kB) Wildlife and Hunting Heritage Cons Cncl Sec Jewell NPS
RC062 (PDF 96 kB) Steve Flory License Fee Info
RC063 (PDF 252 kB) Ahtna Habitat Work
RC064 (PDF 199 kB) House Conference Report 92-174
RC065 (PDF 1,220 kB) ADFG Comments Presentation Prop 209-212
RC066 (PDF 505 kB) Ahtna Comments on CSH Feb16
RC067 (PDF 138 kB) Matt Soloy Comment on Proposal 207
RC068 (PDF 90 kB) Eric Beeman Comment on Proposal 207
RC069 (PDF 38 kB) ADFG Amended Language Proposal 40
RC070 (PDF 97 kB) ADFG Subsistence Table Proposal 71
RC071 (PDF 176 kB) ADFG Moose CSH Reporting Guidelines
RC072 (PDF 332 kB) ADFG BOG Finding 2013-201
RC073 (PDF 124 kB) Ahtna Comments on CSH Feb17
RC074 (PDF 3,019 kB) ADFG Regionwide Sheep Proposal Comments
RC075 (PDF 641 kB) DOL Air Taxi vs Transporter Regs and Statutes
RC076 (PDF 285 kB) Wayne Heimer Sheep Harvest Rate
RC077 (PDF 652 kB) Palmer Hayflats Map
RC078 (PDF 41 kB) Prop 70 Substitute Language
RC079 (PDF 68 kB) Ahtna by Request Hoffman Prop 77
RC080 (PDF 596 kB) Ahtna by Request Hoffman Prop 74
RC081 (PDF 116 kB) Ethan Williams Correction on Testimony
RC082 (PDF 839 kB) Ted Spraker Moose Habitat Info
RC083 (PDF 92 kB) ADFG Subsistence Prop 71 Substitute Language
RC084 (PDF 127 kB) ADFG Prop 101 Substitute Language
RC085 (PDF 36 kB) Ahtna Prop 65 Reduced CSH Season
RC086 (PDF 134 kB) Ahtna Prop 65 Supporting Information
RC087 (PDF 65 kB) Copper Basin AC Feb 18 2015 Minutes
RC088 (PDF 96 kB) USFWS Prop 53 Comment Amended
RC089 (PDF 60 kB) David Winney Prop 209 thru 211 Comments
RC090 (PDF 19 kB) Prop 201 Substitute Language
RC091 (PDF 80 kB) John Kaiser Comment on Sheep Proposals
RC092 (PDF 112 kB) ADFG Boards Delegation of Authority for Emergency Petitions

Meeting Audio

Please note the audio for the morning of February 13 does not include log notes.

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