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Subsistence and Personal Use
Fishing Licenses & Permits

All Alaska residents, and ONLY Alaska residents, are eligible to participate in both Subsistence and Personal Use fisheries. Subsistence and Personal Use fisheries are managed under different regulations. A valid Resident Sport Fishing License is required to participate in Personal Use fisheries, but is not required to participate in Subsistence fisheries.

  • Some Subsistence and Personal Use fisheries require a permit issued by ADF&G and some do not.
    (See the Interior, Southcentral,and Southeast information in the left column for additional information.)
  • Some waters are closed to Subsistence fishing and/or Personal Use fishing.
  • All Subsistence halibut fisheries are managed by the federal government. For additional information see NOAA's Subsistence Halibut Fishing in Alaska Information.
  • Some fisheries have season, gear, and bag limit restrictions.
  • Always contact the closest regional or area ADF&G offices prior to harvesting fish or shellfish under Subsistence or Personal Use regulations.
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