Subsistence Fishing Regulations

State subsistence fisheries are managed by the Division of Commercial Fisheries, Alaska Department of Fish and Game. The following links are provided to the state subsistence fishing regulations.

Editor's note: These statutes and administrative regulations were excerpted from the official codes on file with the Lieutenant Governor. There may be errors or omissions that have not been identified and changes that occurred after this publication. These documents are intended as informational guides only. The regulations as outlined in these documents may be changed by emergency regulations or emergency orders at any time. Supplementary changes to these regulations are available at offices of the Department of Fish and Game. Please refer to the most recent copy of the Alaska Administrative Code (and its appendices) for the most current and accurate regulations.

The following chapters are linked to the state's Alaska Administrative Code (AAC) database (in Folio). To return to Fish and Game you will have to use your browser-s BACK button/command.   The AAC database is updated on a quarterly basis by the Legislative Affairs Agency, and because of this, links can become invalid without our knowledge. Ocassionally, you may receive a "could not connect to pipe" message. This may indicate a congestion or failure of their database connections. We do not have any control over their database site or programs and there is nothing we can do to directly remedy this situation for you. Generally, if you retry to connect in a few minutes, things will have returned to normal. If any of our links to that database, found on this page, should fail for other reasons or seem inaccurate, however, please feel free to contact us.


01. Subsistence Finfish Fishery (5 AAC 01.001 - 5 AAC 01.750)
02. Subsistence Shellfish Fishery (5 AAC 02.001 - 5 AAC 02.625)
77. Personal Use Fishery (5 AAC 77.001 - 5 AAC 77.695)
Boards of Fisheries and Game Subsistence Procedures (5 AAC 99.010 - 5 AAC 99.25)

Federal subsistence fishing is managed by the Office of Subsistence Management, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. The following is a link to the current federal regulations and requirements.

Subsistence Management Regulations for Public Lands in Alaska

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