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Our Biological Diversity

Diverse and abundant wildlife are central to Alaska’s economy and people. Over 1,000 vertebrate species are found in the state, sometimes in huge numbers. More than 900,000 caribou roam in 32 herds across vast tundra landscapes. On the Copper River Delta alone, five to eight million shorebirds stop to forage and rest each spring on their way to arctic breeding grounds. Alaska has 32 species of carnivores, more than any other state.

Most of Alaska’s fish and wildlife populations are considered healthy. In the rest of the nation, more than 400 species are listed as threatened or endangered. In Alaska, only 20 species are listed this way.

Find Species Information

  • Animals
    Life history, range, habitat, uses, and more.
  • Nonnative
    Species that are invasive or introduced; plus pets, livestock, ornamental fish.
  • Special Status
    Endangered, threatened, extinct and other species of concern.
  • Living With Wildlife
    Safety around wildlife; attracting and deterring animals; wildlife and pets; contacts and more.
  • Diseases and Parasites
    Learn about diseases common or important to Alaska's wildlife.
  • Wildlife Action Plan
    Alaska's species conservation plan and how to become a partner.
Photo of a North Pacific Right Whale

Did You Know?

Early whalers captured a calf first, knowing the mother was unlikely to escape since female right whales have a strong protective maternal instinct.