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Alaska Bat Monitoring Program

Bat capture net at Auke Lake

We are just starting to learn about the ecology of bats in Alaska. Because bats occur in low densities in most of Alaska, their distribution, abundance and behavior is poorly understood. The Alaska Bat Monitoring Program was established in 2004 with the goal of documenting species' summer distribution, roosting habitat, migration patterns, and winter hibernacula. Through increased awareness of the value of bats in the wild and your involvement in our bat program, we can slowly begin to understand bats in Alaska. It is important that we continue to learn more about bats and bat ecology in Alaska so we can conserve resources critical to their survival and prevent population declines.

Click here for more information about bats in Alaska.

Click here to learn more about the research that ADF&G is conducting on bats in Alaska.

Living With Bats

If you have observed bats in your home or if you find a sick or dead bat please refer to our new Living with Bats section for information about what to do and who to contact.

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