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Alaska Salmon Fisheries Enhancement Program Annual Reports

The ADF&G private nonprofit hatchery program prepares a comprehensive annual report for the legislature, to provide the previous years' hatchery production and fisheries enhancement information as required by Alaska Statute (AS) 16.05.092. These annual reports to the legislature began with the creation of the ADF&G Division of Fisheries Rehabilitation, Enhancement, and Development (FRED) in 1971.

Recent reports are shown here:

Alaska Salmon Fisheries Enhancement Program 2013 Annual Report PDF file* (2.5MB)

Reports from previous years:

2012 Annual Report PDF file* (1.9MB
2011 Annual Report PDF file* (1.6MB)
2010 Annual Report PDF file* (1.5MB)
2009 Annual Report PDF file* (3MB)
2008 Annual Report PDF file* (1.5MB)

Additional reports can be found in the Fishing and Subsistence Publications Searchable Database

Evaluations of PNP Hatcheries

These ADF&G reports began in 2011. Each private nonprofit hatchery program in Alaska will be evaluated for consistency with statewide policies and regulations for protection of naturally spawning wild salmon, genetics, fish health, and disease

Economic Impacts of PNP Hatcheries

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