Alaska Tier I & II

Tier I & II Summary

Tier I & II subsistence permits are available to Alaska residents only. All Alaska residents are eligible for subsistence hunting of game populations where subsistence use occurs. A subsistence permit may be issued when there is not enough game for a general season and the population of animals has historically been an important source of human food. The application process for Tier I & II hunts can be complex. A Subsistence Supplement is available that lists species, application dates, hunt dates, Game Management Unit (GMU), and hunting specifications.

Tier I and Tier II permits are used where the board has identified a game population that is customarily and traditionally used for subsistence.

Tier I hunts are allowed where it is anticipated that a reasonable opportunity can be provided to all residents who desire to engage in that subsistence use, so everyone is issued a permit.

Tier II permits are used where it is anticipated that a reasonable opportunity to engage in the subsistence use cannot be provided to all eligible residents, and applications are scored to determine who is eligible for the limited number of permits.

When to Apply

The application period for Tier I & II hunts is November 1, 8am – December 15, 5pm (AKST). Paper applications must be postmarked on or before November 30th, while internet applications will be accepted beginning November 1 through December 15, 5pm (AKST).