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Through its Division of Wildlife Conservation, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) supports a staff of research biologists in order to collect information related to specific ecological questions or concerns. This information enables the department to more effectively and responsibly manage and conserve wildlife populations and their habitats. Research projects cover a wide range of objectives, from collecting site-specific data for wildlife management decisions, to understanding the physiology of wildlife species and complex ecological relationships. Research efforts are generally developed and applied with the goal of maintaining or improving our ability to manage Alaska's wildlife resources.

ADF&G conducts research to:

  • Develop techniques that will help us better understand and estimate the status, trends, and health of native wildlife populations, plus ecological threats such as invasive species
  • Conserve habitats and ecosystem function
  • Understand wildlife-habitat relationships
  • Understand predator-prey relationships
  • Understand the impacts of human activities on wildlife populations
  • Provide information needed for the conservation of species, including to prevent future listings of species under laws such as the federal Endangered Species Act
  • Assess wildlife user attitudes and preferences
  • Engage people in conservation/management

The division annually conducts 20-30 research projects on terrestrial wildlife species, waterbirds, marine mammals, and selected wildlife habitats. Brief research project descriptions of current on-going division projects are produced annually. ADF&G wildlife research publications include Pittman-Robertson, State Wildlife Grant, and Endangered Species Conservation Fund Federal Aid performance reports describing use of federal funds in research activities, and technical reports that are produced at the conclusion of research projects. For access to these reports, visit the Research Reports page.

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