Board of Game Forms


The Board of Game invites you to share your comments. Comments must include your first and last name, as well as proposal number(s). Comments are due by the following dates in order to be included in the information available to the board and the public prior to the meetings:

  • Work Session: October 31, 2017
  • Statewide Regulations Meeting: October 27, 2017
  • Central/Southwest Region Meeting: Friday, February 2, 2018

Alternative ways to comment:

  • Mail: ADF&G Boards Support, PO Box 115526, Juneau, AK, 99811-5526
  • Fax: 907-465-6094
  • PDF submission (PDFs only; one PDF per person/organization)


The Board of Game invites proposals for the 2018/2019 cycle. The deadline for submission is Tuesday, May 1, 2018. The following regions will be considered:

  • Southeast Region (Game Management Units 1, 2, 3, 4 & 5)
  • Southcentral Region (Game Management Units 6, 7, 8, 14C & 15)

Alternatively, you can fill in, print & submit a proposal form (Word doc 57 kB) via:

  • Mail: ADF&G Boards Support, PO Box 115526, Juneau, AK, 99811-5526
  • Fax: 907-465-6094
  • Email

Agenda Change Requests (ACRs)

The Board of Game adopted a proposal to change the Agenda Change Request policy during the November 2017 Statewide Regulations Meeting; changes will go into effect July 1, 2018. The deadline to submit ACRs will now be November 1 and an updated ACR policy and form will soon be available.

About the Proposal Process

  1. Call for Proposals Issued (PDF 143 kB)

    The Board of Game operates on a three year cycle, alternating which subjects are under consideration. A "Call for Proposals" is issued, enumerating the subjects for a given meeting, and listing the deadline for receiving proposals.

  2. Proposal Books Distributed

    After the deadline for receiving proposals has passed, a proposal book is published which is distributed statewide for comment.

  3. Public Comment Invited

    The board accepts written public comment on proposals before each meeting. Comments are accepted online, via fax, and by post until two weeks prior to the relevant meeting. These comments are "on-time" and are distributed to the Board for review prior to the meeting. This opportunity for advance review facilitates the public process.

    Depending on the meeting, comments may be accepted after the "on-time" deadline, usually only via fax or in person at the meeting site. These are considered "record copies" and are distributed at the meeting. Applicable comment due dates/submission info for each meeting can be found under the Meeting Information link to the left.

    Comments must be no longer than 100 single sided pages, or the equivalent, before the on-time comment deadline; after or at the meeting, 10 single-sided pages or less, unless exceptions are requested by the board.

  4. Board Meeting Held

    At the board meetings, the board hears reports from department staff and comments from the public. The board deliberates each proposal and acts by adopting, rejecting, amending, or deferring proposals.

    The board meetings are open to the public during the entire process, with the exception of executive sessions which are rare and held only for issues of pending legislation, personnel, or confidential matters.

  5. Regulations Filed

    Adopted or amended proposals are then written into the proper legal format and submitted to the Department of Law for review and sent to the lieutenant governor for filing before becoming effective.

  6. Summary of Actions Distributed

    Staff prepare a written report summarizing the actions taken by the board. The reports are distributed to advisory committees and posted on the website.