Species information is provided in one of two formats: a PDF, or a user-friendly species profile with tabbed webpages designed to include photos, sounds, sign, range maps, comments on management and research, and much more. Over time, the department plans to convert content from all PDF sources into species profiles.

Have fun learning about Alaska’s wildlife and their habitats.

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Common Name Scientific Name Link
Pinto Haliotis kamtschatkana View Pinto Abalone Profile
Cave-dwelling Stygobromus quatsinensis View PDF of Cave-dwelling Amphipod
Eskimo Arctic Oeneis alpina View PDF of Eskimo Arctic
Black Katy Katharina tunicata View PDF of Black Katy Chiton
Gumboot Cryptochiton stelleri View PDF of Gumboot Chiton
Baltic Macoma Macoma balthica View PDF of Baltic Macoma
Geoduck Panopea abrupta View Geoduck Clam Profile
Littleneck Leukoma staminea View Littleneck Clam Profile
Razor Siliqua patula View Razor Clam Profile
Blue King Paralithodes platypus View Blue King Crab Profile
Dungeness Metacarcinus magister View Dungeness Crab Profile
Golden King Lithodes aequispinus View Golden King Crab Profile
Red King Paralithodes camtschaticus View Red King Crab Profile
Tanner Chionoecetes bairdi and C. opilio View Tanner Crab Profile
Treeline Emerald Somatochlora sahlbergi View PDF of Treeline Emerald
Lugworm Abarenicola pacifica View PDF of Lugworm
Giant Pacific Enteroctopus dofleini View Giant Pacific Octopus Profile
Weathervane Patinopecten caurinus View Weathervane Scallop Profile
Sea Cucumber    
Red Apostichopus californicus View Red Sea Cucumber Profile
Sea Urchin    
Red Mesocentrotus franciscanus View Red Sea Urchin Profile
Coonstripe Pandalus hypsinotus View Coonstripe Shrimp Profile
Northern Pandalus eous View Northern Shrimp Profile
Sidestriped Pandalopsis dispar View Sidestriped Shrimp Profile
Spot Pandalus platyceros View Spot Shrimp Profile
Sitka Periwinkle Littorina sitkana View PDF of Sitka Periwinkle
Arrow Sagitta elegans View PDF of Arrow Worm