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Educator Workshops


  • March 21, 6–9 pm
    Growing Up WILD! Discover, Learn, Explore
    400 Front Street Nome, Alaska UAF NW Campus. Hands-on, Interactive and open to all educators, homeschool instructors, daycare providers, youth and community organizations! This workshop introduces the award-winning conservation education programs using inquiry: Alaska Wildlife Curriculum, and Growing Up WILD to assist Pre-K and early elementary teachers and their students in learning about Alaska’s wildlife, science and inquiry in their own backyard! Register at Call with questions: Brenda Duty 907-267-2216
  • March 22 – 23
    Building Blocks of Ecology
    400 Front Street Nome, Alaska UAF NW Campus. This professional development workshop for educators introduces inquiry methods to teach about the Ecology generally, and specifically of NW Alaska. Learn about food chains and webs, the difference between ecosystem and habitat, adaptations, population dynamics, competition and energy flow through an ecosystem. This place based workshop is full of active learning for teachers of all types and their students. Leave the workshop with curriculum guides, support materials and more and is applicable for K-12 classroom teachers and educators. This course can be taken for graduate level credit toward a teaching certificate. To register go to: Call with questions: Brenda Duty 907-267-2216


  • June 5 – 6, 9am – 5pm
    A New Home on the Range: Wood Bison Restoration Field-Trip
    Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, Portage Alaska. The Alaska Wood Bison is North America’s largest land animal and once had a thriving population in Alaska. Wood Bison left the Alaska landscape years ago, until a small herd was discovered in Canada. In this workshop learn the natural history of these behemoth cousins of the Plains Bison and the effort to repopulate Alaska with wood bison through a reintroduction project. We’ll learn about the natural history of wood bison, why this project became important and how the initiative began to make it happen. We’ll use science, civics, social studies and math to demonstrate how educators can engage students in a place-based themed series of lessons for the classroom and beyond and then meet these mighty mammals up close with biologist Tom Seaton. Both days will take place at the Alaska Wildlife Conservation Center, one of the major partners of this project. 

    Additional Information

    This workshop is part of the Anchorage School District Summer Academy and is open to any educator across the state. This is a 1 credit graduate level 580 course to be used for recertification. Call with questions: Brenda Duty 907-267-2216  To Register: