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Alaska Crossbow Education Course

Beginning July 1, 2018, you may not hunt with a crossbow in any hunt or area for big game unless you have successfully completed an ADF&G-approved Crossbow Education course.

The Alaska crossbow education course is currently being developed and will be available in 2018. The crossbow education course will provide instruction on crossbow techniques and safety, wildlife conservation, and outdoor preparedness. The course will be composed of two parts, the online course and a field day.

The online crossbow education course will be available on our website on January 1, 2018. The crossbow education field days will be scheduled at various locations throughout Alaska beginning in late March/early April. The 2018 certification course schedule will be available in mid-December.

For the online course, you will study the course material and take practice tests on the internet. You can take multiple chapter review tests online until the material is adequately covered. After successfully passing the online test, you must attend a field day where you will complete a proficiency shoot and blood trailing exercise. Only after successfully completing both parts of the course will you receive your crossbow education certification.

Important Crossbow Regulations

A crossbow MAY NOT be used in any hunt or area specifically restricted to bow and arrow only, as a crossbow is not recognized as legal archery equipment.

To hunt big game in Alaska with a crossbow, the crossbow MUST:

  • have at least a 100-pound peak draw weight.
  • use a bolt that is at least 16-inches in overall length, be tipped with a broadhead, and at least 300 grains in total weight.
  • use a broadhead that is a fixed, replaceable, or mechanical/retractable blade type that is not barbed.
  • not use electronic devices that are attached to the crossbow, except scopes or electronic sights that do not project light externally.
  • be shoulder-mounted.

Disabled hunters may be eligible to use a crossbow in an archery-only area. For more information, visit the Hunting Methods and Means Disability Exemption webpage.

For questions relating to the Alaska crossbow education course, contact (907) 267-2196 or