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About the Joint Board of Fisheries and Game

The Board of Fisheries and the Board of Game meet jointly as the Joint Board of Fisheries and Game to address issues common to both boards such as habitat concerns, regulations governing advisory committees, and for the commissioner nomination process. Meetings of the Joint Board are scheduled on an as-needed basis. Actions taken by the Joint Board require a majority of each of two boards.

The Joint Board of Fisheries and Game sets the regulations for advisory committee guidelines. These include the establishment of advisory committees, setting the number of seats by community if more than one community is represented on the committee, and setting the guidelines for uniform rules of operation. The composition of advisory committees can be changed by the Joint Board after it receives a proposal and meets to act on the proposal.

The Joint Board of Fisheries and Game authority is provided under Alaska Statute 16.05.315. The regulations the Joint Board has authority over are 5 AAC Chapter 96 which includes the local fish and game advisory committee system, and 5 AAC Chapter 99 dealing with subsistence uses.