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Fish Pathology Laboratory
Mission Statement

Our Mission

The Fish Pathology Section monitors and controls finfish and shellfish diseases statewide (according to Title 16 of the Alaska Statutes) by conducting diagnostic surveys, developing finfish and shellfish disease policies and by advising the Commissioner of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and other state and federal authorities on fish disease issues.


Facilities & Staff

Transmission electron microscope used for examination of viruses.

  • Diagnostic laboratories in Anchorage and Juneau with state-of-the-art technology; transmission electron microscopy, ELISA, DNA probe, PCR.
  • Staff experienced and highly trained in Microbiology, Fish Health, and Aquatic Veterinary Medicine.
  • Staff comprised of two Fish Pathologists, two Microbiologists, and one Laboratory Technician.
  • American Fisheries Society, Fish Health Section Certifications of Fish Pathologist and Fish Health Inspector held by staff members.

Laboratory Contact Information

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