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You can buy your license online or through one of 1000 license vendors throughout Alaska. (Learn more about licenses and tags.)

When you buy a license, tag, or permit, the money you spend directly supports ADF&G’s management and research of Alaska’s fish and wildlife resources. Together, we ensure the future of our sport and commercial fishing, hunting, trapping, subsistence opportunities, and wildlife viewing.

Thank you for your purchase and investment in Alaska’s fish and wildlife!

Buy Licenses & Tags

License Information

  • Buy Licenses & Tags Online
    Buy fishing, hunting, trapping, crewmember and guide licenses, big game tags, duck & king salmon stamps.
  • General License Information
    Prices, age & residency requirements & how to purchase by mail.
  • License Statistics
    Sport and commercial crewmember licenses, big game tags and stamp statistics including revenue collected and number sold.
  • Professional Licenses
    Information for sport fishing guides, big game guides & transporters, fur dealers, taxidermists, game farms, and wild animal control.
  • License Vendors
    Information for businesses or individuals who sell licenses, stamps, and locking tags.


Aquaculture Permits

Hunting & Viewing

  • Hunting & Trapping
    Information on General Season, Drawing, Registration, Subsistence (Tiers I & II) licenses, tags, & permits.
  • Wildlife Viewing Permits
    Information and permits for McNeil River, Round Island, & Pack Creek.

Habitat Permits

Transport & Possession Permits

  • Transport & Possession Permits
    Scientific & educational permits, auction permits, possession of non-native animals, cultural permits, Defense of Life & Property, hazing, and falconry.