Report Wildlife Encounters:

Please let us know about human-wildlife conflicts, or injured, aggressive or orphaned animals

If a wild animal poses an immediate threat to personal safety, call 9-1-1. For non-emergencies, please submit your report through this website. Reports submitted online are reviewed during regular business hours; you may be contacted for additional information if needed.

Wildlife Encounter Report Form

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Location of animal:

Mark the location of the encounter by clicking a pin on the map. To move your pin, click on a new location.

Animal Information:

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If you are unsure of what to report, below are some examples of the types of encounters ADF&G would like to hear about:

  • Injured or sick animals (except marine mammal strandings).
  • Orphaned animals. Leave these animals alone, but please report them.
  • Injuries caused by wildlife to humans.
  • Any wild animal that is aggressive or approaches humans or that has been seen hanging around a campground or neighborhood.
  • Dangerous moose encounters.
  • Brown bear sightings in neighborhoods or in densely populated areas.
  • Bears in garbage: A person can be fined if a bear gets into unsecured garbage or other attractants. This can become a dangerous situation if not addressed.

REMEMBER: a wild animal's best chance for survival is to be left in the wild. It is illegal for you to feed or handle wildlife.