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Alaska Department of Fish and Game's e-Library is the repository for thousands of documents, videos, and other materials selected by staff to inform the public about Alaska's fish and wildlife resources.

Publications Spotlight

Alaska’s Wild Wonders – Bears, Issue V

Alaska’s Wild Wonders is a periodic publication for older elementary students about Alaska’s wildlife and wild lands. This issue focuses on bears (PDF 3,775 kB).

Trap Safety for Pet Owners

A new brochure, Trap Safety for Pet Owners (PDF 478 kB), produced by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Alaska Trappers Association, illustrates how to remove pets from traps and snares. Visit your local ADF&G office if you would like a paper copy of this brochure.

Whitefish Trends on the Upper Kuskokwim River

Whitefish Trends on the Upper Kuskokwim River (PDF 19,352 kB) is an ethnographic report by ADF&G Division of Subsistence researchers that examines the traditional importance, harvest, and processing of nonsalmon fish, particularly whitefish, in the communities of Lime Village and Nikolai.

Hunt Alaska

ADF&G prepared Hunt Alaska (PDF 8,097 kB) to assist hunters in planning a safe and successful big game hunt in Alaska, which includes advice on guide selection, fly-in hunting and lodging, firearms, sighting and shooting, first aid, water treatment, meat transportation and care, animal tracks, and plans for a hunt workbook.

Northern Pike

Northern Pike (PDF 625 kB) consolidates fishing and regulatory information regarding this important subsistence and game fish that is native to Interior and Western Alaska, but has become problematic following its introduction to Southcentral lakes and streams. Includes recipes to make the most of your catch!

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Leading Bison

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