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Alaska Department of Fish and Game's e-Library is the repository for thousands of documents, videos, and other materials selected by staff to inform the public about Alaska's fish and wildlife resources.

Publications Spotlight

Brown Bear: Identifying Males and Females in the Field

It is important that hunters learn how to identify a brown bear and determine its sex and/or age. This Brown Bear guide (PDF 1,598 kB) was created to help bear hunters tell the difference between brown and black bears; male and female brown bears; and juvenile and adult brown bears.

A Guide to Aging & Sexing Grouse and Ptarmigan

A Guide to Aging & Sexing Grouse and Ptarmigan is currently available in print only and can be obtained at regional and area offices. The guide is a useful tool for hunters interested in identifying the sex and age of their harvested birds, and it is hoped it will also encourage more upland bird hunters to contribute wings, tails, and heads to ADF&G's Small Game program.

Trap Safety for Pet Owners

A new brochure, Trap Safety for Pet Owners, produced by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the Alaska Trappers Association, illustrates how to remove pets from traps and snares. Visit your local ADF&G office if you would like a paper copy of this brochure.

ADF&G has also developed a series of short videos on how to release pets from specific kinds of traps.

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Leading Bison

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