Cultural and Subsistence Harvest Permits

The Board of Game has authorized a number of programs under which game may be harvested for cultural and subsistence uses. Brief descriptions of some of these programs and links to regulations authorizing each program are below.


Copper Basin CSH Moose Hunt CM300 "any bull" locking-tags will be distributed to participants using scoring criteria to determine their customary and direct dependence on the game population. Please note this change and allow additional time to complete this application.

Results of the 2018 Any Bull Locking-Tag Allocation

The results of the 2018 Any Bull Locking-Tag allocation (PDF 1,086 kB) are available online.

Community Subsistence Hunt Group Management

Group members will only be able apply for the CSH permit during the application period (October 1–December 15). Once group coordinators have successfully applied online they will receive, via email, a 2018-2019 group number. Group coordinators will need to save this email and share the group number to individuals and households wanting to participate in the CSH hunt. In order for individual and household members to apply online they will need the group number.

Community Subsistence Hunt Individual/Household Management

Individual group members will only be able access/edit their information during the application period (November 1–December 15). Applicants will need the group number from their group coordinator to apply. If group members need to change their information outside of the application period they should contact their group coordinator. CSH group coordinators can access their group's information and edit/add group coordinator information.

Community Subsistence Harvest Hunt Area and Permit Conditions

Community Subsistence Harvest Reports

2017–2018 Subsistence Supplement and Permit Conditions

Cultural Education Permit

These permits authorize take of some game species for the purposes of passing on cultural knowledge and tradition in a structured educational setting such as an Alaska Native Culture Camp. Permits will not be issued when the proposed harvest can be reasonably accommodated under existing regulations. Links to the policy on issuing these permits and an application form are below. For more information please contact ADF&G Permits Section at (907) 465-4148 or

Taking of Big Game for Religious Ceremonies

Game for use as food in customary and traditional Alaska Native funerary or mortuary religious ceremonies may be harvested outside of existing seasons and bag limits. However, procedures and requirements for harvesting game differ by species and area. Please review links to the regulation authorizing this activity and list of populations where this practice is not allowed. For more information, please contact your local Fish and Game office.

Koyukon Potlatch Ceremonies

Nuchalawoyya Potlatch

Stickdance Permit