How to Apply for a Round Island Camping Permit


Round Island is a remote wilderness far from medical facilities. Weather can be extreme and visitors are expected to be entirely self-sufficient. You must be in good physical condition to get onto and around the island.


How can I get a camping permit and what does it cost?

Round Island permit fees are $100.00 for a 5-day camping permit; and $20.00 for a day use permit. Permits can be obtained online through the ADF&G online store. For more information see our Round Island Permit Application.

When can I apply?

Ten permits for each time period will be issued to people who submit their applications after September 1. Two other permits will be issued to people who submit an application within 10 days prior to a given time period.

How many permits are available?

There are 12 camping permits available for each time period.

What time periods are available?

Before selecting a preferred time period, you should first confirm availability of transportation to Round Island.

A - 1- 5 MayH - 5-10 JuneO - 10-15 July
B - 5 - 10 MayI - 10 - 15 JuneP - 15 - 20 July
C - 10 - 15 MayJ - 15 - 20 JuneQ - 20 - 25 July
D - 15 - 20 MayK - 20 - 25 JuneR - 25 - 31 July
E - 20 - 25 MayL - 25 - 30 JuneS - 31 July - 5 August
F - 25 - 31 MayM - 30 June - 5 JulyT - 5 - 10 August
G - 31 May - 5 JuneN - 5 - 10 JulyU - 10-15 August

How many people may apply to go together?

Up to eight individuals may apply to go as a group. Each person must submit a separate application and a $50 fee. If you plan to go with others, we need to know their names. Commercially guided or private groups wishing to obtain unassigned permits should contact or (907) 267-2189. We also need to know what you would like us to do if there are not enough permits available for all of you to go at the same time. It is to your advantage to give us specific information about your wishes, because any delay in processing your application may reduce your chances of getting a permit.

How will I know if I am successful in getting a permit?

Applications are accepted starting September 1 for the following summer and permits will be processed on a first-come first-served basis. Checks and money orders will be returned to unsuccessful applicants. Permit fees for successful applicants are not refundable.

Where can I learn more?

Read more information about Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary.