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Upper Cook Inlet Finfish – February 23–March 8, 2017

Location: Anchorage– Sheraton Anchorage

Meeting Summary (PDF 646 kB)

Meeting Documents (RC1)

Department Reports

CFEC Reports

Department of Law Memo

Meeting Proposals

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Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

RCs 1-4 are documents provided by ADF&G and are listed above.

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC005 (PDF 183 kB) ADF&G Boards Index of Comments
RC006 (PDF 45 kB) Mark Ducker Jeff Beaudoin Suzanne Ducker Proposals 119&120
RC007 (PDF 33 kB) ADF&G Boards Memo on Proposal Author Notes
RC008 (PDF 43 kB) Mat-Su Fish&Wildlife Comm Prop 214
RC009 (PDF 325 kB) John McCombs 1985 to 2015 Percent of Drift Areas Fished
RC010 (PDF 157 kB) Erik Barnes King Salmon on Kenai
RC011 (PDF 85 kB) MatSu Borough Support for Proposals
RC012 (PDF 141 kB) UCIDA Cook Inlet Coho Harvest and Catch Data
RC013 (PDF 2,312 kB) MatSu Borough Fish and Wildlife Commission It Takes Fish to Make Fish
RC014 (PDF 67 kB) Kenai Peninsula Fishermens Association Late Run King Mgmt Plan
RC015 (PDF 384 kB) Andy Couch Stocks of Concern
RC016 (PDF 88 kB) Dwight Kramer Oral Testimony
RC017 (PDF 97 kB) Kenai Area Fishermens Coalition Testimony on Prop 157 and 179
RC018 (PDF 30 kB) Bill Stoltze Testimony 195 thru 199
RC019 (PDF 46 kB) Kurt Koehler Testimony Prop 195 thru 207
RC020 (PDF 151 kB) Catherine Koehler Testimony Prop 195 thru 198 and 206
RC021 (PDF 74 kB) William K Boyles Testimony Prop 195 thru 207
RC022 (PDF 40 kB) Konrad Koehler Comment Prop 196 thru 198
RC023 (PDF 78 kB) Mac Minard Oral Testimony
RC024 (PDF 56 kB) Debbi Palm Oral Testimony
RC025 (PDF 57 kB) Sarah Hollier Pellegrom Written Testimony
RC026 (PDF 138 kB) David Athons Prop 153
RC027 (PDF 72 kB) Erik Huebsch Commercial freshwater pike proposal
RC028 (PDF 90 kB) MatSu Borough Public Testimony
RC029 (PDF 60 kB) MatSu Borough Map of Assembly District 7
RC030 (PDF 69 kB) Paul Dale Testimony
RC031 (PDF 70 kB) Todd Smith Testimony
RC032 (PDF 128 kB) Jeff Beaudoin Testimony
RC033 (PDF 1,015 kB) Kenai Peninsula Fishermens Association East Side Setnetter info
RC034 (PDF 78 kB) Jessica Speed Testimony
RC035 (PDF 59 kB) Dustin Slinker Prop 239 amendment
RC036 (PDF 106 kB) So K Beach Independent Fishermen Assoc Prop 101 111 131 169 176 comment
RC037 (PDF 112 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC comments on proposals
RC038 (PDF 91 kB) Teague Vanek ADFG Memo Feb 9 2017
RC039 (PDF 91 kB) Frede Stier Testimony
RC040 (PDF 88 kB) Chad Lipse Testimony
RC041 (PDF 67 kB) Bruce Gabrys Kenai Kasilof Sockeye Harvest by Northern District setnetters
RC042 (PDF 268 kB) Bruce Gabrys RC-200 from Feb 2014 meeting
RC043 (PDF 67 kB) City of Kenai Resolution opposing Prop 203
RC044 (PDF 67 kB) City of Kenai Resolution Opposing Prop 204
RC045 (PDF 120 kB) City of Kenai Resolution Amending Prop 201
RC046 (PDF 78 kB) Mike Hudson Testimony
RC047 (PDF 31 kB) Dwight Kramer withdraw Prop 166
RC048 (PDF 134 kB) Lee Stephen Testimony
RC049 (PDF 58 kB) ADFG Kenai River late run King data
RC050 (PDF 68 kB) Paul Warta Testimony
RC051 (PDF 210 kB) Norm Darch Kenai River Late run King data
RC052 (PDF 71 kB) ADFG Boards Homer AC makeup
RC053 (PDF 104 kB) Page Herring Silvers for Seniors article
RC054 (PDF 88 kB) Trevor Rollman Testimony
RC055 (PDF 272 kB) ADFG Boards Public Testimony List
RC056 (PDF 32 kB) Gary Hollier Withdraw Prop 140
RC057 (PDF 315 kB) Kenai River Sport Fish Assoc Essential Questions Kenai Sockeye Goals
RC058 (PDF 138 kB) Kenai Peninsula Fish Assoc Comment Prop 116
RC059 (PDF 65 kB) Dept of Law Comments
RC060 (PDF 509 kB) Jeff Fox Petition re No District King salmon Mgmt Plan
RC061 (PDF 78 kB) Todd Smith KPFA Kenai R late run King harvest ESSN vs in river sport harvest
RC062 (PDF 130 kB) Todd Smith ADFG SF harvest comparison
RC063 (PDF 150 kB) Christine Brandt testimony
RC064 (PDF 670 kB) Anchorage AC Joel Doner testimony
RC065 (PDF 101 kB) KRSFA Ray Harvest data of big late run Kings
RC066 (PDF 1,154 kB) Arni Thompson ADN Cover story Whither our King salmon
RC067 (PDF 223 kB) Dwight Kramer Prop 160 original wording
RC068 (PDF 2,116 kB) Board Member Morisky Article Unaccounted mortality in salmon fisheries
RC069 (PDF 149 kB) Norm Darch Annual abundance estimates for late King run
RC070 (PDF 134 kB) Joseph Person Setnet 1 Percent rule
RC071 (PDF 228 kB) Joseph Person Subs Lang Kenai River late run sockeye Mgmt Plan
RC072 (PDF 187 kB) Andy Couch Mat Valley AC Group 1 Comments
RC073 (PDF 91 kB) Andy Couch Mat Valley AC Group 2 Comments
RC074 (PDF 271 kB) Paul Shadura NOAA info
RC075 (PDF 511 kB) Gary Hollier Subs Lang Late Run Kenai R King Salmon Mgmt Plan
RC076 (PDF 204 kB) Jeff Beaudoin Kenai R Simulation Summary for Sockeye
RC077 (PDF 915 kB) Paul Shadura SOKI Welch et al Oversimplification Harvest Modeling Report
RC078 (PDF 579 kB) David Martin Central Pen AC AK Salmon Mgmt Policy
RC079 (PDF 437 kB) David Martin Central Pen AC Susitna Sockeye Stock of Concern
RC080 (PDF 280 kB) David Martin Central Pen AC British Columbia Overescapment hurts salmon
RC081 (PDF 200 kB) David Martin Central Pen AC Fact sheet re failed mgmt plans
RC082 (PDF 226 kB) Jeff Beaudoin July 2015 ADFG Kenai King Daily Projections
RC083 (PDF 474 kB) ADF&G Subs language Prop 116
RC084 (PDF 109 kB) Jeff Beaudoin RC 213 BOF 2011 Kenai Mgmt Tiers
RC085 (PDF 675 kB) KRSA Subs Lang Prop 116
RC086 (PDF 337 kB) Derek Leichliter Personal Use dipnetting
RC087 (PDF 82 kB) Jeff Beaudoin Chart of Didson vs Measured fork length
RC088 (PDF 723 kB) UCIDA Kenai Borough et al Commercial fish facts 2015
RC089 (PDF 844 kB) UCIDA 2008 UCI Dept Summary of Positions
RC090 (PDF 109 kB) Brent Johnson 29 mesh net regs
RC091 (PDF 345 kB) KRSA Revision to large king numbers
RC092 (PDF 169 kB) MatSu Borough 1 Percent Explanation
RC093 (PDF 59 kB) KRPGA Subs lang Prop 116
RC094 (PDF 81 kB) KRPGA 1 Percent New info
RC095 (PDF 630 kB) Jim Butler Paired Restrictions
RC096 (PDF 105 kB) Board member Ruffner Subs lang Prop 136
RC097 (PDF 641 kB) Board Support RC Log to date
RC098 (PDF 66 kB) Joel Doner Anchorage AC corrections on minutes
RC099 (PDF 317 kB) Joseph Person Response to RC083
RC100 (PDF 268 kB) Paul Shadura SOKI Sport Fish license sale info 10 year recap
RC101 (PDF 572 kB) Paul Shadura SOKI Conserving the Kenai King
RC102 (PDF 70 kB) Board member Ruffner RC-83 addl info
RC103 (PDF 619 kB) KRPGA Economic value on salmon
RC104 (PDF 349 kB) Board member Payton Subs lang Prop 165
RC105 (PDF 157 kB) UCIDA 1 Percent Rule Repeal
RC106 (PDF 197 kB) Paul Shadura for SOKI Subs lang Prop 104
RC107 (PDF 207 kB) Board member Ruffner Subs lang Prop 171
RC108 (PDF 444 kB) Paul Shadura for SOKI Info re Prop 141
RC109 (PDF 200 kB) Christine Brandt Info re Prop 141
RC110 (PDF 710 kB) Judd Walker Establish new statistical baseline for determing OEG
RC111 (PDF 41 kB) Chris Every Withdraw Prop 105
RC112 (PDF 122 kB) Joseph Person Kenai River late run Chinook goal
RC113 (PDF 553 kB) Jim Butler Subs lang paired restrictions
RC114 (PDF 498 kB) KRSA Subs lang Prop 165
RC115 (PDF 160 kB) CFEC Prop 133 amended comment
RC116 (PDF 127 kB) Board member Jeffrey RC104 amended
RC117 (PDF 175 kB) Jeff Beaudoin Large and small Kings Kasilof section and ESSN
RC118 (PDF 81 kB) Joseph Person Prop 175 graphic
RC119 (PDF 1,116 kB) Eric Jameson Fish pictures
RC120 (PDF 116 kB) ADFG Boards Misc Business Agenda
RC121 (PDF 469 kB) Jeff Beaudoin Handling Prop 126 complaint
RC122 (PDF 135 kB) Jeff Fox Petition to BOF
RC123 (PDF 184 kB) MatSu Borough Fish and Wildlife Commission UCI Central District CF values
RC124 (PDF 145 kB) UCIDA Prop 89 info
RC125 (PDF 185 kB) UCIDA Prop 90 info
RC126 (PDF 460 kB) MatSu Borough Fish and Wildlife Commission Is Conservation Corridor Working
RC127 (PDF 141 kB) Jeff Beaudoin Formal Complaint re Prop 171
RC128 (PDF 111 kB) KRSA Ratio of ESSN vs Kasilof Sport harvest
RC129 (PDF 7 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC Withdraw Prop 199
RC130 (PDF 127 kB) Tyonek Native Corp Support continued SF king closure
RC131 (PDF 232 kB) MatSu Borough Fish and Wildlife Comm Subs lang Prop 132
RC132 (PDF 222 kB) Andy Couch for Mat Valley AC Map for Prop 92
RC133 (PDF 195 kB) Board member Payton Subs lang Prop 114
RC134 (PDF 315 kB) KAFC Collapse of Kenai River Early run Kings
RC135 (PDF 110 kB) Joseph Person Prop 101 comment and alternative
RC136 (PDF 118 kB) David Martin for Central Pen AC Repeal stock of yield concern for Susitna R sockeye
RC137 (PDF 226 kB) David Martin for Central Pen AC SF salmon release UCI and N Dist
RC138 (PDF 93 kB) City of Wasilla Support Conservation Corridor
RC139 (PDF 223 kB) MatSu Borough Fish and Wildlife Commission Subsistence harvest data Northern Cook Inlet
RC140 (PDF 136 kB) Mac Minard for Ben Allen Central District Drift Gillnet Mgmt Plan info
RC141 (PDF 70 kB) Board member Payton Offshore test fishery CPUE map
RC142 (PDF 203 kB) Andy Couch for Mat Valley AC Committee 4 Drift plan
RC143 (PDF 7 kB) Mike Crawford for Kenai Soldotna AC Withdraw RC 129
RC144 (PDF 109 kB) ADFG Subs lang Prop 237
RC145 (PDF 58 kB) Member Ruffner Central Dist Drift Gillnet Mgmt Plan
RC146 (PDF 10 kB) Member Ruffner Substitute Lanaguage for Drift Plan
RC147 (PDF 23 kB) Mike Buntjer Prop 75 Withdrawal
RC148 (PDF 84 kB) ADFG Boards Committee A signup
RC149 (PDF 100 kB) ADFG Boards Committee B signup
RC150 (PDF 400 kB) USFWS Points to consider Prop 155 and 159
RC151 (PDF 168 kB) USFWS Prop 159 intent
RC152 (PDF 182 kB) KAFC Protection of Mainstem Spawning Early Run Kings
RC153 (PDF 3,694 kB) ADFGT Subsistence Div Cook Inlet Chapter of Tech Paper 427
RC154 (PDF 6,460 kB) ADFG Boards RC and PC from BOF Oct 2016 worksession
RC155 (PDF 651 kB) Anchorage AC November 1 2016 Minutes
RC156 (PDF 83 kB) Central Pen AC Oppose Prop 142
RC157 (PDF 1,565 kB) ADFG Committee A Report
RC158 (PDF 121 kB) ADF&G Committee B summary final
RC159 (PDF 302 kB) Robert Merchant Prop 133 Support
RC160 (PDF 49 kB) KAFC et al Prop 179 compromise
RC161 (PDF 280 kB) Board member Cain Subs lang Prop 149
RC162 (PDF 30 kB) ADF&G Sub Language Prop 85 Clarification
RC163 (PDF 461 kB) ADFG Boards revised agenda
RC164 (PDF 105 kB) Ted Bryant Sport fish importance
RC165 (PDF 148 kB) UCIDA Repeal drift 1 Percent rule
RC166 (PDF 99 kB) Board member Payton Subs lang Prop 213
RC167 (PDF 48 kB) Board member Payton Subs lang Prop 200
RC168 (PDF 379 kB) ADFG Subs lang Prop 84
RC169 (PDF 25 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC Subs lang Prop 194
RC170 (PDF 7 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC Subs Lang Prop 192
RC171 (PDF 44 kB) Kenai Soldotna AC Subs lang Prop 200
RC172 (PDF 129 kB) CFEC Additional Comment Prop 218
RC173 (PDF 144 kB) MatSu Borough Fish and Wildlife Commission Coho catch comparison
RC174 (PDF 122 kB) UCIDA Sec of Commerce First Address Comments
RC175 (PDF 380 kB) Jeff Beaudoin Comm B Comments
RC176 (PDF 117 kB) KRSA DNR letter
RC177 (PDF 52 kB) Mat Valley AC Prop 233
RC178 (PDF 155 kB) SOKI Remove support Prop 131
RC179 (PDF 84 kB) Board member Ruffner Subs lang Prop 201
RC180 (PDF 85 kB) Board member Jensen subs lang Prop 204
RC181 (PDF 846 kB) KRSA et al Subs lang Prop 149
RC182 (PDF 42 kB) Edward Schmitt Support Prop 179
RC183 (PDF 131 kB) Joseph Person Prop 124 thrui 125 comment
RC184 (PDF 181 kB) SOKI Comm B comments
RC185 (PDF 146 kB) Laurie Fagnani Kenai River comments
RC186 (PDF 175 kB) Matthew Fagnani Kenai River dipnetting
RC187 (PDF 48 kB) KRPGA Prop 186 thru 188 comments
RC188 (PDF 54 kB) KRPGA Subs lang Prop 192
RC189 (PDF 63 kB) AOC Prop 203 comment
RC190 (PDF 97 kB) KRPGA Comment on Prop 182 and 185
RC191 (PDF 65 kB) Thomas Mader Sport fishing
RC192 (PDF 139 kB) KAFC rc181 explanation of support
RC193 (PDF 143 kB) Board member Payton Early run king length at age data
RC194 (PDF 48 kB) Board member Payton Chinook salmon age vernacular
RC195 (PDF 435 kB) UCIDA Mark recapture population estimate of coho pink chum UCI 2002
RC196 (PDF 640 kB) Board member Ruffner Subs lang Prop 149
RC197 (PDF 304 kB) Jeff Beaudoin re Prop 171 RCs 107 117 127
RC198 (PDF 60 kB) Paul Shadura Prop 200 support RC 167
RC199 (PDF 86 kB) ADFG Subs lang Prop 192
RC200 (PDF 546 kB) John Gilcrest Oppose Prop 209 211 thru 216
RC201 (PDF 127 kB) John McCombs Dan Anderson barbless hook support
RC202 (PDF 120 kB) Board member Ruffner Amended Subs lang Prop 149
RC203 (PDF 220 kB) SOKI Oppose Prop 195 201 thru 205
RC204 (PDF 222 kB) KRSA et al Prop 181 and 192 more explanation
RC205 (PDF 27 kB) KRPGA withdraw Prop 152
RC206 (PDF 610 kB) Board member Ruffner amended Prop 149
RC207 (PDF 94 kB) UCIDA Judd Lake escapement
RC208 (PDF 84 kB) Trevor Rollman NDSN Data from SWHS on N Dist kings
RC209 (PDF 661 kB) KRSA et al Prop 181 and 192 details
RC210 (PDF 129 kB) ADFG Low river Mid river info
RC211 (PDF 223 kB) UCIDA Coho escapement data
RC212 (PDF 384 kB) Arni Thompson AK Salmon Alliance SWAMC marketing presentation
RC213 (PDF 49 kB) USFWS withdraw Prop 159
RC214 (PDF 202 kB) Kodiak Island Borough Historic Kodiak harvest
RC215 (PDF 261 kB) Central Peninsula AC Resolution re Kodiak genetic info
RC216 (PDF 224 kB) SOKI Prop 101 clarified
RC217 (PDF 178 kB) N Dist Setnetters Assoc Request to Reconsider Prop 218
RC218 (PDF 143 kB) Board member Cain Subs lang Prop 279
RC219 (PDF 278 kB) ADFG Boards RC Log Final

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