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Tom Kluberton, Vice-Chairman

Tom Kluberton - Talkeetna, Chairman

Term expires 6/30/2016

Tom was appointed to the Board of Fisheries by Governor Parnell in 2010. Tom lives in Talkeetna and is the owner of Fireweed Station Inn, a bed and breakfast in Talkeetna. Tom has a BA degree in Business from Oklahoma University. He has served on the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Assembly and on the Matanuska-Susitna Borough Mayor’s Blue Ribbon Sportsmen Committee.

John Jensen

John Jensen - Petersburg, Vice-Chairman

Term expires 6/30/2017

John was first appointed to the Board of Fisheries by Governor Murkowski in 2003. John lives in Petersburg and participates in crab and halibut fisheries in Southeast Alaska, and owns Jensen’s Boat Rentals. John attended Yakama Valley College and has over 45 years of fishing experience in a variety of areas of the state.

Fritz Johnson

Fritz Johnson - Dillingham

Term expires 6/30/2016

Fritz Johnson arrived in Alaska in the mid-1970s to work as a laborer out of Fairbanks. He began fishing in Bristol Bay in 1979, and made Dillingham his home in 1980 when he founded the weekly Bristol BayTimes newspaper. He published the paper until 1992, and later between fishing seasons worked in public relations for various regional non-profit agencies. He currently works as the Regional Fisheries Coordinator for the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation, and serves as a director of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association and his local telephone and electric utility. In addition to commercial fishing, he is an active subsistence user and an occasional sports fisherman.

Orville Huntington

Orville Huntington - Huslia

Term expires 6/30/2015

Orville Huntington was born in Huslia, Alaska and received a B.S. in Wildlife Biology from University of Alaska, Fairbanks. Mr. Huntington is dedicated to working closely with young people to promote the values of traditional Native elders combined with contemporary western knowledge. He is committed to protecting the aboriginal rights of Native people to continue to live a subsistence way of life and preserve the cultural beliefs associated with that way of life as it is consistent with State and Federal law. His primary responsibilities continue to be the preservation of Native subsistence hunting, fishing, gathering and trapping opportunities and the cultural events that surround those beliefs, and as a public servant for the village of Huslia and the 43 villages of the Tanana Chiefs Conference region.

Sue Jeffrey

Sue Jeffrey - Kodiak

Term expires 6/30/2017

Sue Jeffrey has lived in Kodiak since 1972 and has served on many local boards and committees throughout the years. She is a two-term member of the Kodiak Island Borough Assembly and sat on the Kodiak Fishery Advisory Committee while in office. She is a commercial salmon fisherman and she and her husband have fished their Kodiak set net site since 1987. She has a BA in English and is a published author. As a former reporter and fisheries editor for the Kodiak Daily Mirror as well as a freelance writer for numerous fisheries journals, Jeffrey brings a wide variety of fisheries-related experience to the Board of Fisheries.

Reed Morisky

Reed Morisky - Fairbanks

Term expires 6/30/2017

Reed Morisky has been in Alaska since 1981, a sport fishing guide since 1984, and has maintained an interest in Alaska fisheries issues, in particular, issues that affect the interior region. Reed’s initial interest in Alaska fisheries issues was in the late 80’s when the Legislature considered licensing sport fishing guides. Since then, he has been a member of the Sport Fishing Guide Services Board Task Force, and has advocated for a responsible sport fishing industry to achieve sustainable fisheries He has held a US Coast Guard Captain’s license since 1995.

Volunteer efforts include FNSB Service Area Commissioner; Steese Area Volunteer Fire Department Board of Directors; and Fairbanks Youth Soccer Association Coach. Permit holder for the interior subsistence fishing in 2010 and 2011. Memberships include the Fairbanks Convention and Visitor’s Bureau, Trout Unlimited, Alaska Outdoor Council and the National Rifle Association.

Reed and his wife Laura, who is also a licensed sport fishing guide, have lived in Fairbanks since 1981, raised two children there and enjoy all that Alaska has to offer.

Robert D. Mumford

Robert Mumford - Anchorage

Term expires 6/30/2018

Robert (Bob) Mumford of Anchorage is a retired Fish and Wildlife Trooper who has lived in Alaska for over 40 years having resided in Anchorage, Palmer/Wasilla, Sand Point, Kodiak, Fairbanks, Coldfoot and the Kenai Peninsula. Since his retirement as a trooper, he has worked briefly as an assistant guide on the Alaska Peninsula; he was also employed as a commercial pilot surveying wildlife from Prudhoe Bay to Barrow. He has worked seasonally in Tok as a pilot transporting sportsmen in the field. Bob has been a volunteer Alaska Hunter Education Instructor for five years and has memberships with: Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, APHA, Aircraft Owners & Pilots Association, NRA, Alaska Airmen Association, Fraternal Order of Alaska state Troopers, and the Alaska Peace Officers Association. Prior to the Board of Game, Bob served on the Big Game Commercial Services Board over five years, and served on the Board of Game. Bob is an avid wildlife photographer and outdoorsman. Bob is married and has a 17 year old son.

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