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Regulatory Year
2013, 2014

Regulatory Year 2013 (July 1, 2013 – June 30, 2014)


Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
05/12/2014   View WAH Press Release 5-12-2014
08/22/2013   View Waterfowl Hunters Advised of Regulations Changes, Summary Booklet Errors

Region 1

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
03/13/2014 01-01-14 View Wolf Season to Close in Unit 2
12/23/2013 01-12-13 View RG150 - North Fork Katlian River drainage closed to goat hunting
11/20/2013 01-11-13 View Partial closure to the RG024 mountain goat hunting season- East Fork of Skagway R. to Kasidaya Creek
10/25/2013 01-10-13 View Moose Hunting Closure Unit 5A West of the Dangerous River
10/04/2013 01-09-13 View Partial Closure to the RG024 Mountain Goat Hunting Season Near Skagway
10/03/2013 01-08-13 View Partial Closure to RG023 Mountain Goat Registration Hunt- Middle Takshanuks
10/02/2013 01-07-13 View 2013 Gustavus Bull Moose Hunt (RM049) Closes
09/26/2013 01-06-13 View Goat Hunt Closure Unit 1C Eagle Glacier to Sawmill Creek
09/16/2013 01-05-13 View Partial closure of Takshanuk Range to mountain goat hunting
09/10/2013 01-04-13 View Mt, goat hunt closure - Redoubt Bay-Necker Bay Zone RG150- Baranof Island
08/23/2013 01-03-13 View RG150 - Nakwasina River drainage closure for all goat hunting/Baranof Island
08/20/2013   View Haines TM059 Moose Meeting
07/29/2013 01-02-13 View Partial Closure to RG170 Mountain Goat Registration Hunt
07/22/2013 01-01-13   GMU4 - Mt goat (RG150) hunt closure areas-rev

Region 2

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
01/30/2014 02-01-14 View Warm January Prompts Extension of Kenai Peninsula Lynx Trapping Season
12/02/2013 02-13-13 View Goat Hunt RG230 Closes
11/20/2013 02-12-13 View Goat Hunt RG232 Closes
11/12/2013 02-11-13 View RG862 Twentymile River Goat Hunt
11/08/2013 02-10-13 View RM435 Ship Creek Registration Moose (14C)
10/28/2013   View RG862 - 20 Mile Goat Hunt Opens
10/25/2013 02-09-13 View RG243 Registration Goat hunt Closure
10/22/2013 02-08-13 View RE755 Emergency Order and Closure
10/07/2013 02-07-13 View Goat Season Closes East of Unakwik Inlet
10/02/2013 02-06-13 View Doe season to close early in Prince William Sound
10/01/2013 02-05-13 View Goat Hunt Closes North of the Port of Valdez
09/20/2013 02-04-13 View Southwestern Prince William Sound Goat Hunt Closes
09/20/2013 02-03-13 View Goat Hunt Closes North of Valdez Arm
09/18/2013   View Port Valdez North Goat Hunt to Open on October 1
09/05/2013 02-02-13 View RG882 Lake George Non-resident Mountain Goat
07/02/2013 02-01-13   Region II Lynx season modifications

Region 3

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
05/12/2014   View North Slope Moose Hunt Closed
04/07/2014   View Interior Surplus permits available
03/27/2014 03-02-14 View Unit 26B Moose Opening
02/14/2014   View Unit 20A Anterless Moose Permits Won't be Issued
01/22/2014 03-01-14 View Unit 20A Antlerless Moose Hunt RM764 Closes
12/09/2013 03-11-13 View RM785 Minto Flats Closure
12/05/2013   View Avain Cholera detected on St. Lawrence Island poses no human health risk
10/31/2013 03-10-13   RC867 Fortymile Caribou Closed
10/31/2013   View Winter Fortymile Hunt Cancelled
09/27/2013 03-09-13 View Caribou Season Closes in Southern Unit 25B
09/26/2013 03-08-13 View RM834 Unit 21D reopening registation
09/19/2013   View Antlerless Moose Permits Available September 27 for Unit 20A
09/17/2013 03-07-13 View Fortymile Caribou Zone 2 and Zone 4 Closed
09/01/2013 03-06-13 View NR 2013 RC860 Closed Zone 1
08/29/2013 03-05-13 View Taylor Highway Caribou Season Closed in Unit 20E
07/29/2013   View Antlerless Moose Permits to be Issued in Nenana
06/17/2013 03-04-13   Ptarmigan Tracking

Region 4

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
01/30/2014 04-02-14 View Emergency Order extends the Unit 17A winter moose season
01/06/2014 04-01-14 View Emergency Order Opens the Unit 17A Winter Moose Hunt
10/09/2013 04-07-13 View Emergency Order Closes Nelchina Caribou Winter Hunt in Unit 13
08/15/2013 04-06-13 View Emergency Order Changes Community Hunt Moose Bag Limit in Units 11 and 13
08/12/2013 04-05-13 View ADF&G Emergency Order Changes Community Hunt Moose Bag Limit in Subunit 13A
07/30/2013 04-04-13 View EO Changes the Nelchina Caribou Bag Limit in Unit 13
06/25/2013 04-03-13   Reduced Lynx Seasons in Units 14A, 14B, and 16

Region 5

Date Emergency Order Number Announcement Description
03/06/2014 05-04-14 View ADF&G Opens Resident Moose Hunt in Unit 22E
02/25/2014 05-03-14 View ADF&G Extends Resident Moose Hunt in Unit 18, Lower Yukon Area and Remainder of Unit 18
01/29/2014 05-02-14 View State Opens Unit 22A Remainder Winter Moose Hunt
01/03/2014 05-01-14 View State Closes RM849 Winter Moose Hunt in 22D Southwest and Kuzitrin
12/11/2013 05-06-13 View State Opens Moose Hunt in Unit 22D Southwest and Kuzitrin January 1, 2014
09/13/2013 05-05-13 View State Extends Unit 22A Central RM841 Moose Hunt
09/08/2013 05-04-13 View State Closes Resident Unit 22B West RM840 Moose Hunt
09/05/2013 05-03-13 View State Closes Resident Moose Hunt RM615 in Lower Kuskowim, Unit 18
09/02/2013 05-02-13 View Unit 22C Moose Season for RM840 Closed
06/27/2013 05-01-13 View Previous Illegal Harvest Closes Unit 23 Tier II Muskox Hunt TX107
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