Kodiak Mountain Goat
Hunting Requirements

Permit Requirements:

To hunt mountain goat on Kodiak, a hunter needs to obtain either a drawing hunt permit or a registration permit. The deadline for submitting your drawing permit application is December 15th. Drawing hunt information and permit applications are available at ADF&G offices and license vendors statewide, and on the web at: /store/.

Prior to applying for the drawing hunt you must obtain a Alaska hunting license. You may apply for up to 6 goat areas each year and it costs $5 per hunt area for individual applications and $10 per hunt area for party applications. Registration hunts were created in 2003 to provide more hunting opportunity for Alaska residents. Hunt areas may not open or may be closed early by Emergency Order if harvest meets or exceeds target harvest levels. For details on where permits are available and conditions of the hunt consult your current hunting regulation book.

Additional requirements for nonresidents:

A nonresident who hunts mountain goat must be accompanied in the field by an Alaska licensed guide or by a Alaska resident who is within second degree of kindred. All nonresidents must also purchase a mountain goat locking tag ($600 nonresident, $800 for citizens of other countries) prior to hunting.

Kodiak Island is currently divided into 29 guide use areas which are the same as our brown bear hunt areas (see Kodiak Brown Bear Web Page). Nonresidents are urged to contact guides that are registered on Kodiak Island prior to applying for the drawing hunt.