Kodiak Mountain Goat
Hunting Access

Goat hunters on Kodiak are fortunate to have many transportation options depending on what hunt area they choose to hunt. The majority of goat hunters on Kodiak use air charters (float planes) to fly into alpine lakes or protected bays. Boats are also popular with hunters that fly into remote villages on regularly scheduled flights. A few charter boats are licensed big game transporters and can pick up and drop off hunters in areas with good marine access. The Kodiak road system hunt areas are easily accessible by foot and/or off-road vehicles.

The great thing about most Kodiak hunt areas is that there are numerous access points into goat country, so there is less of a chance of over-crowding of hunters. Kodiak weather is always a factor when scheduling a hunting trip, so figure a few bad weather days on either side of your hunt to be on the safe side.

Photo of a three year-old billy
A close up of a three year-old billy.
mountain goat cache
Make every effort to keep your meat safe from bears.
float plane access
65% of Kodiak goat hunters use float planes to access hunt areas.

I hope this web page helps with your hunt in the future on Kodiak. If you have any other questions give us a call at 907-486-1880.

Good Hunting!