Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting Area 26
Kupreanof Peninsula

Drawing Hunt Designation

Residency Fall Spring
Alaska Resident DB 226 DB 256
Non Resident DB 126 DB 156

Area Description

(USGS Maps - Kodiak D-3 & D-4)


Northern Kodiak Island, including the Viekoda Bay, Kupreanof Peninsula, Whale Island, Dry Spruce Island, Port Lions, and the area north of Barabara Lake. See area map (Image file 49 kB).

Topography and Habitat

Grass/salmonberry and cottonwoods flats dominate the lower elevations and river valleys. Hillsides are covered with dense alder thickets interspersed with grass/salmonberry meadows. Alpine areas start at 1500'. Inland area is composed to low ridges and foothills intersected by numerous drainages with a few small lakes. The northern portion of this area supports dense groves of spruce. The village of Port Lions (population 264) is included in this area and has regular air and ferry service. There is also and extensive system of ORV trails throughout the area. A powerline extends from the head of Kizhuyak Bay to Port Lions. Whale Island is mostly covered with spruce forest.

Land Ownership

Lands south of Viekoda Bay in Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge. There is mixed ownership of Kupreanof Peninsula, including State, Afognak Native Corporation, and private inholdings. Whale Island is mostly owned by Afognak Native Corporation.

Public Use Cabins


Bear Harvest

2017 chance of being drawn

Residency Fall Spring
Alaska Resident 2% 6%
Non Resident 100% 75%
  Hunters Afield Bears Harvested Percent Males Average Skull Size
Fall 2017 6 3 67% 23.54
Spring 2017 8 2 50% 24.84
Fall 2016 6 1 100% 26.56
Spring 2016 6 4 75% 23.44
Fall 2015 7 3 67% 24.96
Spring 2015 3 1 100% 20.19
Fall 2014 5 1 0% 23.69

Largest bear killed in this Hunt Area

29¾" (May 5, 1967)
"Green" measurement - Not Official

Guides registered for this Hunt Area (as of April 2018):