Kodiak Brown Bear Hunting Area 05
Three Saints & Barling Bays

Drawing Hunt Designation

Exclusive Guide Area

Residency Fall Spring
Alaska Resident DB 205 DB 235
Non Resident DB 105 DB 135

Area Description

(USGS Maps - Kodiak A-3, A-4, A-5, B-4 & B-5)


Southeastern Kodiak Island, Midway Bay south to Three Saints Bay and Sitkalidak Island. See area map (Image file 57 kB).

Topography and Habitat

This area has a diverse topography and ranges from boulder-strewn beaches and tidal flats to low ridges to rugged peaks to 4470' with permanent snowfields and glaciers. The village of Old Harbor (population 311) is located within this hunt area and has regular scheduled mail flights. Sitkalidak Island is primarily grass covered with alder hillsides and the highest point at 1835'.

Land Ownership

Lands around Sitkalidak Island, Midway Bay, and the head of Barling Bay are owned by Old Harbor Native Corporation. with the exception of some State land in the southwest corner of Sitkalidak Island. The remainder of this area is made up of Kodiak National Wildlife Refuge lands. There are private lands in several areas along the coast.

Public Use Cabins


Bear Harvest

2017 chance of being drawn

Residency Fall Spring
Alaska Resident 2% 9%
Non Resident 100% 100%
  Hunters Afield Bears Harvested Percent Males Average Skull Size
Fall 2017 5 2 100% 24.09
Spring 2017 6 6 67% 24.83
Fall 2016 9 7 86% 24.68
Spring 2016 5 3 100% 24.48
Fall 2015 5 4 100% 25.72
Spring 2015 5 3 100% 27.50
Fall 2014 7 4 50% 24.80

Largest bear killed in this Hunt Area

29½" (May 5, 1999)
"Green" measurement - Not Official

Guides registered for this Hunt Area (as of April 2018):