Purchasing Wild Alaska Seafood

Have you seen advertisements on social media for fresh seafood sold directly by the fisherman? Has the fisherman offered to deliver, or have you seen fresh seafood being sold from trucks? This page is a quick guide to inform consumers of the ways they can purchase wild Alaska seafood directly from commercial fishermen and to provide a list of commercial fishermen who are permitted to sell Alaska seafood directly to consumers.


  • Catcher-Sellers are fishermen who are permitted to sell their own harvest to the public.
  • The fish is for the customer's personal consumption, not for resale.
  • Fish can be sold to the consumer whole or gilled, gutted, and iced; shrimp can be sold whole or headed.
  • Catcher-Sellers are not permitted to do any filleting, butchering, or freezing, so please don't be surprised if a fisherman tells you that he can't fillet the fish for you.

Direct Marketers

  • Direct Marketers are fishermen who are licensed to sell their own harvest to the consumer.
  • The difference between Catcher-Sellers and Direct Marketers is that Direct Marketers may process fish, which includes filleting, other forms of butchering, and freezing
    • Only if their vessel or shore-side facility has been permitted by the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC).
    • DEC permitting ensures sanitary seafood processing and safe food handling practices.

Catcher-Sellers and Direct Marketers typically sell at the dock, directly from their own vessels. However, with the appropriate DEC permits, both Catcher-Sellers and Direct Marketers can package and transport fish for local sale. Only Direct Marketers are licensed to ship their fish out of state. Fishermen can sell fish by the pound, using a certified scale, or by the fish.

Find a Fisherman

Map of Wild Alaska Seafood Purchasing Areas (PDF 2,435 kB)

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