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Commercial Fish Transporters

Commercial Fish transporters Transporters are agents of the fisherman responsible for transporting fish from a fisherman’s possession to the point of sale. Transporters are required to complete all available information on the fish ticket and retain the fish ticket until it can be completed by the buyer. Transporters are permitted in Salmon, Herring and Pacific Cod fisheries only. If you would like to transport other fisheries, for example, shrimp, then the vessel transporting the fish must act as an agent of the buyer and should be licensed as a Tender/Packer with the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission. Please see their website at: or call (907) 789-6160. A transporter does not have to be licensed in the fishery that they will be transporting and can transport fish from multiple fisherman at the same time. A transporter can be a licensed commercial fisherman and a transporter. A transporter can not buy, process, or export fish.

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