Fish Transporter Permit

  • Fish Transporters can only transport salmon, herring, and Pacific cod for commercial fishermen.
  • You do not have to be a licensed commercial fisherman to transport fish.
  • Licensed commercial fishermen who hold Fish Transporter permits may simultaneously transport their own harvest and fish from multiple other fishermen.

How to Apply for your Fish Transporter Permit

Online Application and Renewal — Fastest way to receive a permit!

Online applications are accepted through the Alaska Department of Revenue. The Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) and the Department of Revenue (DOR) use the Revenue Online system external site link to process and issue licenses, permits, code plates, and fish ticket books. Online payment of $25 fee is accepted. Contact DOR's Fisheries Business License Help Desk at (907) 269-6620 for assistance with the Revenue Online system.

Email Application

Complete the application, Fish Transporter Permit Application (PDF 542 kB), and email it to You will be contacted for credit card payment for the $25 fee.

Mail Application

Print and complete the application, Fish Transporter Permit Application (PDF 542 kB); enclose a check or money order for $25; and mail to Seafood Industry Technician at the address on the application.

For assistance, contact the Seafood Industry Technician at 907-465-6131 or

Fish Transporters act as agents of fishermen to transport (by vessel, vehicle, plane, four-wheeler, etc.) commercially harvested salmon, herring, and Pacific cod to the point of sale, on the fishermen's behalf.

  • Transporters must read and understand the Fish Transporter Instructions document (Word doc 49 kB).
  • Fish Transporters who use vessels must have valid commercial fishing vessel licenses issued by the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC), with Transporter (91) checked as an activity on the application. Contact the CFEC at (907) 789-6150 for information.
  • Fish Transporters may also have to title and register their vessels with the Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and should check the DMV website at for requirements.
  • Fish tickets are written by the Fish Transporter for each fisherman; imprinted with the fisherman's commercial fisheries permit; document the statistical area of harvest, catch dates, vessel ADF&G number, weight of fish by species, etc.; and are signed by the fisherman. The processor completes the fish ticket with the processor code and final weights when the fish are delivered.
  • Fish Transporters can transport fish for catcher-sellers. In this case the fish ticket is imprinted with the catcher-seller's fisheries permit and metal code plate and is signed by the catcher-seller.
  • Transporters of Pacific cod should be aware that federal regulations may apply and should contact NOAA Fisheries Permitting at (907) 586-7202 for information.
  • Fish Transporters who package fish for fishermen must not co-mingle fish that belongs to others and must contact the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) for permits. "Packaging" means to wrap, seal, enclose, or place a seafood product into a container" and "container" means "a can, box, bag, pouch, or other receptacle in which a seafood product is enclosed." Call (907) 269-7501 for information on DEC permits.
  • Persons who want to transport fisheries resources other than salmon, herring, and/or Pacific cod should become tender operators. "Tenders" are defined as vessels whose operators act as agents for processors and accept delivery of fish from commercial fishermen or other tender vessels for transport to shore-based or floating processors.

Please call the Seafood Industry Technician at (907) 465-6131 or email if you have questions regarding Fish Transporter permits.