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photo of processing plant If you intend to buy, process or export a fishery resource you must obtain a Fishery Business License from the Department of Revenue, an Intent to Operate from ADF&G and depending on your activity you may also be required to obtain permits from Department of Environmental Conservation or federal fisheries permits. There are several Fishery Business License types. For a list of Fishery Business and ADF&G only license types and allowable activities please see the links below. If you are unsure which license type you need please contact the Department of Revenue at (907) 465-2320 or

SPECIAL NOTE: Please note that paper copies are not available online for a Fishery Business License. To obtain a paper copy please call Department of Revenue at (907) 465-2320 or ADF&G at (907) 465-6131. ADF&G only permits are only available as paper copies except EEZ only type licenses. For questions regarding permitting please contact Fish and Game’s Seafood Industry Coordinator at or (907) 465-6131.

ADF&G-Only Permits