Direct Marketer & Catcher Processor
Fisheries Business Licenses

  • You can sell, process, have custom processing done for you, and export only your own catch.
  • Direct Marketers operate as sole proprietors; Catcher Processors are not sole proprietors.
  • You cannot buy fish from other fishermen for resale or custom process for other fishermen.
  • You need permits from the Department of Environmental Conservation to process and package seafood; see for information.
  • You need federal permits to sell halibut or fish harvested in federally managed fisheries. Contact NOAA Fisheries Permitting at (907) 586-7202 for information.
  • You must register your vessel with the Department of Motor Vehicles if it is documented by the Coast Guard. Undocumented vessels must be titled and registered with the DMV. See for information
  • You must register your operation at the nearest local ADF&G office and obtain instructions on reporting requirements in your area.
  • You may need a known shipper permit to fly your fish out of Alaska; check with the airline.

Please contact the Seafood Industry Technician at (907) 465-6131 or if you have questions.

How to Apply for your Direct Marketer or Catcher Processor License

Online applications are accepted through the Alaska Department of Revenue. The Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) and the Department of Revenue use the Revenue Online system to process and issue licenses, code plates, and fish ticket books. Contact the Department of Revenue's Fisheries Business License Help Desk at (907) 269-6620 if you have questions regarding Direct Marketer and Catcher Processor fisheries business licenses or fisheries taxes, or for assistance with the Revenue Online System.

Direct Marketer or Catcher Processor fisheries business licenses are for fishermen who have at least one permit from the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) for the current year and who intend to sell only their own processed, unprocessed, or custom processed catch. Direct Marketers and Catcher Processors may sell across the dock, ship fish within the state of Alaska, and export fish out of the state. Direct Marketers and Catcher Processors are not licensed to purchase fish from other fishermen or to custom process fish for other fishermen.