Catcher-Seller Permit

  • You do not need a Catcher-Seller permit if you only sell to licensed processors.
  • Catcher-Sellers are not permitted to purchase, process, or export fishery resources.

How to Apply for your Catcher-Seller Permit

Online Application and Renewal — Fastest way to receive a permit!

Online applications are accepted through the Alaska Department of Revenue. The Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) and the Department of Revenue use the Revenue Online system to process and issue licenses, permits, code plates, and fish ticket books. Online payment is accepted. Contact the Fisheries Business License Desk at (907) 269-6620 for help with the system.

Email Application, submit Payment via ADF&G Store — Fast

Complete the application, Catcher-Seller Permit Application Form (PDF 261 kB) and email it to Make your payment through the ADF&G Store at The ADF&G Store is where you purchase your hunting and sport fishing licenses. To pay for the Cather-Seller permit, look for Commercial, then C/F Processor. For assistance with making a payment through the online store please call ADF&G Licensing at (907) 465-2376. For general assistance with processing permits please call the Seafood Industry Coordinator at (907) 465-6131 or email

Mail Application — Slow

Print and complete the application, Catcher-Seller Permit Application Form (PDF 261 kB); enclose a check or money order for $25; and mail to Seafood Industry Coordinator at the address on the application.

For assistance, contact the Seafood Industry Coordinator at 907-465-6131 or

Catcher-Seller permits are for fishermen who have at least one permit from the Commercial Fisheries Entry Commission (CFEC) for the current year, and who intend to sell only their own unprocessed (in the round) catch to members of the public for noncommercial purposes; to grocery stores, restaurants, or Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Waivered Buyers; and/or for use as bait for commercial and noncommercial purposes. In most cases, sales occur directly from the vessel at the dock, however, fish may be shipped to licensed buyers, processors, or exporters within the state. For more information see Fresh Fish for Sale! Catcher-Sellers: How it Works (Alaska Fish & Wildlife News Article)