Requesting Information

Individual fish ticket information, Commercial Operator's Annual Report (COAR) data, customized processor and buyer listings and historical catch and production is available upon request from ADF&G. To obtain confidential fish ticket information or COAR data you must submit the original notarized form to ADF&G Headquarters in Juneau. You may also complete the form in person in the nearest ADF&G office and they will forward it to Juneau for you.
Please note that certain information is considered confidential and may not be released without the appropriate request form. Please see the list below for the appropriate form.

If you would like customized information please contact Information Services at (907) 465-6133 or

Notice: Beginning July 1, 2015 Fish Ticket Data Report Requests for fishermen and third party will require payment of a $55 fee payable to the State of Alaska.

Fish Tickets Request Forms
COAR Data Request Forms