Prince William Sound Shrimp Pot Fishery
Sport / Subsistence Use Shrimp Fishery


This popular pot fishery takes place from April 15 to September 15. These fisheries are managed by emergency order, the fisheries may not open or may close at any time, or the bag limits may be reduced at any time.  Always check your local ADF&G office before going shrimping.

Remember that all Shellfish may be exposed to the algae that causes Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning. For more information, see the Alaska Department of Environmental Conservation Paralytic Shellfish Poisoning page (PDF 90 kB).

The fishery is accessed from primarily from Whittier and Valdez.  Pots are easy to lose track of, so always take GPS readings of your sets, pay attention to currents, and use buoys that are large and brightly colored.  Oily, strong smelling baits like herring, canned tuna in oil or canned cat food work well, and herring oil added to bait canisters always helps.  Keeping your bait in containers with holes drilled in them makes your bait last longer.

Pots tend to fish best when fished on underwater structure like pinnacles, rock slides, and drop-offs.  Always use stout line about 15% longer than the water depth to allow for currents and tides.  Use weight in the pots to help them stay anchored, and use a stout, weighted line, and make each line about 15% longer than the water depth to allow for tides and currents.