Northern Cook Inlet Management Area
Fishing Information

Mat-Su Stocked Lakes

The primary objective of this program is to provide additional fishing opportunities for both the consumptive and non-consumptive users in a cost effective manner on a sustainable basis by stocking lakes with game fish that are indigenous to Alaska. An additional objective of the program is divert pressure from the areas wild fish populations, and insure that stocking does not negatively impact wild stocks or other fisheries. All stocking is conducted in accordance to guidelines set forth in the Statewide Stocking Plan for Recreational Fisheries.

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Chinook & Coho Escapement

Helicopter and foot surveys to index chinook salmon escapement in up to 25 NCI streams have been conducted since 1979. Surveys of chinook salmon escapement are important for future management strategies and formulation of Biological Escapement Goals (BEGs) for area chinook salmon streams. Foot surveys to index spawning coho salmon are also conducted annually on up to 11 area streams. Several of these streams are in highly urbanized areas and the surveys are important for future management strategies and formulation of BEGs for area coho salmon streams. Index surveys of important NCI salmon streams will detect trends in escapement of the various NCI stocks and assist fisheries managers with future management strategies and fine tuning of BEGs.

Chinook & Coho Egg Take

Chinook and coho salmon egg takes are conducted annually in the Northern Cook Inlet area. Chinook salmon egg takes are conducted on Deception Creek a tributary of Willow Creek and Ship Creek in Anchorage. The annual egg take goal for chinook salmon is 600,000. Coho salmon eggs are collected from Ship Creek and raised at the William Jack Hernandez Sport Fish Hatchery. Approximately 125,000 coho salmon eggs are taken annually. These egg takes support both the andromous and lake stocking programs to increase angler opportunity while reducing pressure on wild stocks.