Current Rotenone Projects in Alaska

Tote Road Pike Lakes Restoration

Northern pike are not native to the Kenai Peninsula. They were illegally introduced to multiple areas on the Kenai Peninsula decades ago and the result has been disastrous to native fish species in many areas. Since 2008, ADF&G has been removing invasive northern pike populations from the Kenai Peninsula to protect and restore native fish populations. Currently, the only known northern pike population on the Kenai Peninsula inhabits a group of eight small lakes and ponds located about five miles south of Soldotna and collectively referred to as the Tote Road Pike Lakes (TRPL). The TRPL northern pike are within 0.6 miles of a Kenai River tributary (branch of Slikok Creek) which links to the Kenai River. After careful evaluation of various control and eradication alternatives, ADF&G believes treating the TRPL waters with rotenone will provide a safe, cost efficient and permanent solution to eradicate the pike and allow for creation of a new fishery for wild native rainbow trout and coho salmon.

ADF&G has written an environmental assessment for the restoration of the TRPL area and is now soliciting public comments. Comments must be received no later than 4:00 p.m. Alaska Standard Time on May 17, 2018.

For questions contact:

  • Robert Begich at 907-262-9368

Written comments can be either emailed to, or mailed to:

The Tote Road Restoration Project, Attention: Robert Begich
ADF&G Sport Fish Division
43961K-Beach Road, Suite B
Soldotna AK 99669

To be accepted emails must be sent, or postal mailings postmarked, no later than May 17, 2018.