Kodiak Management Area
Fishing Research

Remote Zone Research

This research project, initiated in 1993, is designed to refine chinook salmon escapement goals for the Karluk and Ayakulik rivers. The ultimate goal of this project is to use estimates of escapement and return, by brood year, to estimate underlying stock-recruit relationships, and the number of spawners corresponding to maximum sustained yield (SMSY). Escapement goals will be developed based on these estimates.

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Karluk River, located approximately 72 air miles from the city of Kodiak, has the largest steelhead Oncorhynchus mykiss catch in western Alaska. Historically, the only indicators of abundance have been weir counts of outmigrant, spawned-out steelhead (kelts). From 1991-1997 a Karluk River steelhead stock assessment project was conducted by the Division of Sport Fish to investigate the potential sources of mortality and to estimate abundance of spawning adult fish.

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Road System Research

Buskin River
Federally qualified subsistence users harvest sockeye and coho salmon on the Buskin River drainage which is located approximately 2 miles from the city of Kodiak and salmon from this drainage have been identified by the Federal Subsistence Board as a resource important for customary and traditional use by the residents of Kodiak.

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