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McNeil River — State Game Sanctuary and Refuge
During Your Stay


Whether you're a McNeil River permit winner or just pondering whether to apply or not; the following video shorts will take you on a short trip to McNeil River and provide a number of tips and answers to the most often ask questions about visiting. Each segment is under 15 minutes.

  • Introduction.

    (1 min 12 sec). Provides a short introduction to the McNeil River 101 series.
  • History & Background.

    (14 min 32 sec). Provides an historic overview of the program, the McNeil River State Game Sanctuary purpose and bear viewing concepts as told by current and past Sanctuary managers.
  • How Do I Get There.

    (5 min 43 sec). Briefly goes over things to considers in accessing McNeil River Camp.
  • How Do We Go See Bears.

    (10 min). Provides an overview of bear viewing areas, trail conditions, a typical day of bear viewing, and what to expect.
  • What To Bring.

    (13 min 7 sec). Reviews gear recommendations and other considerations.
  • Facilities and Camp Life.

    (10 min 53 sec). Review of McNeil River camp life and facilities provided.