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Special Area Regulations

State Game Refuge Regulations

State Game Refuges are established by the State Legislature to protect and preserve the natural habitat and game populations of certain designated areas of the state (AS 16.20.020). Permits are required from the Habitat Division for any habitat altering activity or any activity which disturbs fish or wildlife other than lawful hunting, trapping and fishing activity (AS 16.20.050-060 520-530) within these areas. Please see individual area management plans an contact the Habitat Division with any questions.

Currently designated State Game Refuges are listed below with guiding Statutes and regulations.

Name of State Game Refuges Established by Management Plan Adoption Regulation Specific Restrictions
Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge AS 16.20.031 5 AAC 95.525 (1991)
Cape Newenham State Game Refuge AS 16.20.030(a)(15)
Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge AS 16.20.039
Goose Bay State Game Refuge AS 16.20.30(c)-(e)
Izembek State Game Refuge AS 16.20.030(a)(14) 5 AAC 95.550 (2010) 5 AAC 95.552
McNeil River State Game Refuge AS 16.20.041 5 AAC 95.540 (1996)
Mendenhall Wetlands State Game Refuge AS 16.20.034 5 AAC 95.520 (1990)
Minto Flats State Game Refuge AS 16.20.037 5 AAC 95.530 (1993)
Palmer Hay Flats State Game Refuge AS 16.20.032 5 AAC 95.500 (1987) 5 AAC 95.505 Restrictions on 1) ORVs 2) Motorized watercraft 3) Aircraft landings
5 AAC 95.500 (2003)
Susitna Flats State Game Refuge AS 16.20.036 5 AAC 95.510 (1988) 5 AAC 95.515 Restrictions on 1) ORVs 2) Motorboats 3) Aircraft 4) Little Su PUF Use
Trading Bay State Game Refuge AS 16.20.038 5 AAC 95.535 (1994)
Yakataga State Game Refuge AS 16.20.033 5 AAC 95.545 (2000)