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Goose Bay — State Game Refuge
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Public Use and Access

The Point MacKenzie Road borders the northern and western boundaries of the refuge. Access to the refuge is found at several points along the "Old Burma Road" at the end of Knik/Goose Bay Road. Boat access can be gained by crossing Knik Arm and traveling up Goose Creek. An unmaintained boat ramp located just to the east of the refuge can be reached off of the Knik/Goose Bay Road. In the fall, the wetlands complex provides a good waterfowl hunting area for local hunters. Off-road use of motorized vehicles is restricted in the refuge. Check with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game office in Palmer or Anchorage to learn more about motorized vehicle restrictions. Currently there are no developed public access points or public use facilities in the refuge. Safety precautions along Knik Arm shoreline are essential. Incoming tides are high and move extremely fast. An unwary adventurer can easily get trapped in the sticky mud of Knik Arm.

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