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Southeast & Yakutat Shellfish (Jan. 11-14) & Finfish (Jan. 15-23): January 11-23, 2018

Comment due date: December 28, 2017
Location: Sitka – Sitka Harrigan Centennial Hall
Shellfish issues are scheduled for Jan. 11-14, followed by finfish Jan. 15-23. Public testimony will be heard in two parts, one during the shellfish section and one during the finfish section.
Training opportunity: Boards Support Section is hosting a training course, How to Navigate the Board Process, (PDF 3,395 kB) during the noon break on Jan. 11 & Jan. 15 in the main meeting area. The training will occur roughly ten minutes after the noon break and last approximately one hour. While the training is designed for individuals new to the board process, all are welcome to join. Call Boards Support, 907-465-4110, for more information.

Meeting Summary

Meeting Documents (RC1)

Department Reports


Alaska Wildlife Troopers Comments (PDF 155 kB)

Department of Law Memo (PDF 12 kB) (also listed as RC041)

Meeting Proposals

Southeast and Yakutat Finfish and Shellfish View PDF of all proposals for Southeast and Yakutat Finfish and Shellfish | Hide Category Southeast and Yakutat Finfish and Shellfish

Record Copies (RCs) - Other meeting documents & documents submitted at the meeting

RCs 1-6 are documents from ADF&G and are listed above

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC007 (PDF 1,479 kB) ADF&G Chinook origins memo
RC008 (PDF 46 kB) Alan Reeves Gillnet comments
RC009 (PDF 96 kB) Dan Gallacher King salmon comments
RC010 (PDF 760 kB) Joe Lindholm Proposal 112 comments
RC011 (PDF 46 kB) Office of Subsistence Management Letter re OSM absence
RC012 (PDF 360 kB) Organized Village of Kake Support of Proposals 99, 105 & 106
RC013 (PDF 910 kB) Tomi Marsh Herring proposals comments
RC014 (PDF 43 kB) Van Baker King salmon comments
RC015 (PDF 1,886 kB) Larry Edfelt Taku River king salmon comments
RC016 (PDF 155 kB) Mike Bethers Proposals 132, 133, 76, 82 & 83 comments
RC017 (PDF 2,499 kB) Ron Somerville King salmon testimony
RC018 (PDF 53 kB) Benjamin Timby Proposals 98, 99, 105 & 106 comments
RC019 (PDF 313 kB) Edna Bay AC comments
RC020 (PDF 78 kB) Lloyd Gossman Proposal 235 comments
RC021 (PDF 1,810 kB) Mike Lockabey Coalition of Wrangell fishermen Proposal 235 comments
RC022 (PDF 701 kB) Mike & Karen Lockabey Proposals 54-58, 60 & 235 comments
RC023 (PDF 1,647 kB) Mike & Karen Lockabey Sea otter comments
RC024 (PDF 87 kB) Port Alexander AC comments
RC025 (PDF 39 kB) Sitka AC Emergency shrimp petition
RC026 (PDF 227 kB) ADF&G Response to Sitka AC petition
RC027 (PDF 490 kB) Nancy Hillstrand Emergency pink salmon petition
RC028 (PDF 50 kB) Trout Unlimited Chilkat, King Salmon & Unuk River Chinook Salmon letter
RC029 (PDF 663 kB) Susan Doherty SEAS BOF 2014 PWS meeting summary of deliberations
RC030 (PDF 788 kB) City & Borough of Sitka Resolution No 2018-02 subsistence herring egg harvest
RC031 (PDF 47 kB) Underwater Harvesters Association Proposal 91 comments
RC032 (PDF 78 kB) Southeast Alaska Fishermen's Alliance 2018 Southeast Stock of Concern Action Plan for Chilkat and King Salmon River Chinook comments
RC033 (PDF 338 kB) Tad Fujioka PC159 correction
RC034 (PDF 44 kB) Mike Hamar Proposals 140, 143, 145, 153, & 155 comments
RC035 (PDF 601 kB) Yancey Nilsen personal testimony Proposals 65-70
RC036 (PDF 214 kB) ADF&G Shellfish Public Testimony Log
RC037 (PDF 271 kB) SARDFA Proposal 91 modified language
RC038 (PDF 55 kB) Stacey Wayne Sitka AC District 13 Emergency Petition Shrimp regulation
RC039 (PDF 34 kB) ADF&G per Jensen SE Dungeness plan
RC040 (PDF 31 kB) Ed Tagaban finfish comments
RC041 (PDF 12 kB) Dept of Law Comments on Proposals
RC042 (PDF 140 kB) Kenyatta Bradley Proposal 60 amendment
RC043 (PDF 83 kB) Sidney Kinny herring comments
RC044 (PDF 269 kB) ADF&G Sitka residents shrimp harvest
RC045 (PDF 34 kB) ADF&G per Jensen shrimp permit
RC046 (PDF 37 kB) Chris Good Proposal 91 comments
RC047 (PDF 48 kB) Cody Grussendorf Proposal 142, 143, 145, 146, 153 155 comments
RC048 (PDF 277 kB) ADF&G Proposal 77 substitute language per Cain
RC049 (PDF 29 kB) ADF&G per Ruffner Substitute language proposal 61
RC050 (PDF 29 kB) ADF&G per Ruffner Substitute language proposal 62
RC051 (PDF 32 kB) ADF&G per Ruffner Substitute language proposal 63
RC052 (PDF 30 kB) ADF&G per Ruffner Substitute language proposal 72
RC053 (PDF 151 kB) Don Westlund Proposal 80 amended
RC054 (PDF 76 kB) Al Turner Dungeness crab comments
RC055 (PDF 711 kB) Kathy Hansen SEAFA sea otter letter
RC056 (PDF 19 kB) Anthony Taiber Proposals 140, 143, 145, 153 & 155 comments
RC057 (PDF 34 kB) Robert Odmark Proposal 145 comments
RC058 (PDF 1,585 kB) Mike Lockabey Letter to Sec of Interior Zinke re sea otters
RC059 (PDF 328 kB) Andrew Fiske Proposal 60 comments
RC060 (PDF 70 kB) Stacey Wayne Sitka AC Proposal 60 Substitute Language
RC061 (PDF 32 kB) ADF&G Proposal 91 substitute language per Cain
RC062 (PDF 26 kB) Karsten Wood finfish comments
RC063 (PDF 62 kB) David Thynes finfish comments
RC064 (PDF 28 kB) Bob Barcas finfish comments
RC065 (PDF 32 kB) ADF&G KT observer finding
RC066 (PDF 368 kB) ADF&G Proposal 56 map
RC067 (PDF 32 kB) Matthew Beck UCI meeting location comment
RC068 (PDF 33 kB) Senator Hughes UCI meeting location comment
RC069 (PDF 579 kB) Tad Fujioka District 13 subsistence shrimp fishery comment
RC070 (PDF 160 kB) ADF&G Hillstrand petition response
RC071 (PDF 176 kB) Don Westlund Proposal 80 info
RC072 (PDF 67 kB) Darell Kapp Proposal 112 spawn-on-kelp metrics
RC073 (PDF 33 kB) Randall Kowalke UCI meeting location comment
RC074 (PDF 53 kB) Vern Halter UCI meeting location comment
RC075 (PDF 51 kB) Dept of Law additional comments
RC076 (PDF 33 kB) Doug Rhodes finfish comments
RC077 (PDF 44 kB) Stacey Wayne Sitka AC proposed annual limit for shrimp District 13
RC078 (PDF 3,444 kB) Susan Doherty SEAS Amalga sockeye genetic info
RC079 (PDF 3,637 kB) Susan Doherty SEAS Chinook mortality on seine fish
RC080 (PDF 325 kB) Charles Clement finfish comments
RC081 (PDF 330 kB) Seth Charlton Proposal 184 comments
RC082 (PDF 33 kB) ADF&G per Cain BGP RC045 as amended Sitka shrimp final
RC083 (PDF 5,191 kB) ADF&G Rockfish outreach & release data
RC084 (PDF 209 kB) Juneau-Douglas AC additional comments
RC085 (PDF 619 kB) Richard Curran Proposal 116 comments
RC086 (PDF 221 kB) Tyler Green King salmon comments
RC087 (PDF 247 kB) Dorothy Thomsen herring comments
RC088 (PDF 1,881 kB) Chris Conder proposal comments
RC089 (PDF 323 kB) Jim Martin Alaska Charter Assoc Proposal 116 comments
RC090 (PDF 611 kB) Robert Neilsen Sitka herring stock comments
RC091 (PDF 47 kB) Peter Keutmann finfish comments
RC092 (PDF 77 kB) Chelsea Borg finfish comments
RC093 (PDF 72 kB) Bill Thomas proposal comments
RC094 (PDF 47 kB) Dalton Bergman finfish comments
RC095 (PDF 1,515 kB) Marvin Adams Herring & Situk River comments
RC096 (PDF 48 kB) ADF&G Index of Comments corrections
RC097 (PDF 45 kB) ADF&G Memo on Jensen Recusal
RC098 (PDF 501 kB) Martin Johnson gillnet comments
RC099 (PDF 750 kB) Sandy Souter Alaska General Seafoods herring comments
RC100 (PDF 996 kB) Glenn Reed Pacific Seafood Processors Assoc herring comments
RC101 (PDF 464 kB) Mark Roberts Proposal 177 & Chinook stocks of concern comments
RC102 (PDF 48 kB) Kimberley Strong Chilkat Indian Village Chilkat River king salmon comments
RC103 (PDF 42 kB) Jerry McCune Cordova District Fishermen United proposal comments
RC104 (PDF 311 kB) John Cvetich proposal comments
RC105 (PDF 26 kB) Yancey Nilsen Proposals 98, 99, 105 & 106 comments
RC106 (PDF 278 kB) Fabian Grutter Proposal 98 comments
RC107 (PDF 501 kB) Fabian Grutter Proposals 141-143 comments
RC108 (PDF 699 kB) Jacquelyn Sidor proposal comments
RC109 (PDF 602 kB) Don Reid Alaska Marine Lines proposal comments
RC110 (PDF 19 kB) Blake Bousley proposal comments
RC111 (PDF 603 kB) Alaska Trollers Association Revised position on Chinook Stocks of Concern Action Plans
RC112 (PDF 175 kB) Jeff Farvour PC069 correction
RC113 (PDF 139 kB) Adam Hacket PC02 correction
RC114 (PDF 425 kB) Tim Ryan North Pacific Seafoods proposal comments
RC115 (PDF 595 kB) Harriet Miyasato Beleal herring testimony
RC116 (PDF 23 kB) Silas Flor finfish comments
RC117 (PDF 50 kB) Lance Preston salmon comments
RC118 (PDF 26 kB) Marty Smith proposal comments
RC119 (PDF 32 kB) Sharil Smith finfish comments
RC120 (PDF 25 kB) Brandon Kenfield finfish comments
RC121 (PDF 319 kB) Robert Swanson herring comments
RC122 (PDF 302 kB) Alannah Alber herring comments
RC123 (PDF 285 kB) Mitch Keplinger herring comments
RC124 (PDF 299 kB) Brian Allen herring comments
RC125 (PDF 30 kB) Haines Borough Chilkat River & King Salmon Stock of Concern Action Plan comments
RC126 (PDF 43 kB) Will Bousley gillnet comments
RC127 (PDF 19 kB) Jacob Bell finfish comments
RC128 (PDF 875 kB) Carter Hughes oral testimony
RC129 (PDF 523 kB) Dan & Kristen Zarlengo herring comments
RC130 (PDF 301 kB) Keith Nolan herring comments
RC131 (PDF 371 kB) Tanner Mackiewicz herring comments
RC132 (PDF 388 kB) Ann Marie DeCollibus herring comments
RC133 (PDF 336 kB) Wayne Unger herring comments
RC134 (PDF 297 kB) Cassidy Alber herring comments
RC135 (PDF 362 kB) Don Westlund King Salmon Action Plan solutions
RC136 (PDF 554 kB) Clay Koplin City of Cordova Sitka Sound Herring fishery comments
RC137 (PDF 1,180 kB) NSRAA Resolution 2017-11 concerning Chinook
RC138 (PDF 409 kB) Dennis Gray herring comments
RC139 (PDF 552 kB) Dawn Khaaxwaan Jackson herring comments
RC140 (PDF 159 kB) Marla Howard herring comments
RC141 (PDF 230 kB) Callie Simmons herring comments
RC142 (PDF 550 kB) Wade Martin herring comments
RC143 (PDF 556 kB) Cheryle Enloe herring comments
RC144 (PDF 306 kB) Frances Brann herring comments
RC145 (PDF 1,950 kB) Jared Gross Proposal 140 comments
RC146 (PDF 373 kB) Tiffany Justice herring comments
RC147 (PDF 467 kB) Lee House herring comments
RC148 (PDF 462 kB) Alaire Hughey herring comments
RC149 (PDF 501 kB) Calvin Bigelow Chinook salmon comments
RC150 (PDF 420 kB) Carol Hughey herring comments
RC151 (PDF 238 kB) Susan Doherty SEAS herring proposal comments
RC152 (PDF 2,631 kB) Tad Fujioka Distribution of Unuk & Chilkat Chinook testimony
RC153 (PDF 656 kB) USAG & SEAS 2018 agreement
RC154 (PDF 395 kB) Mark Mackiewiecz herring comments
RC155 (PDF 250 kB) Billy Vollendorf herring comments
RC156 (PDF 294 kB) David Hilty herring comments
RC157 (PDF 304 kB) London Alber herring comments
RC158 (PDF 297 kB) Nina Alber herring comments
RC159 (PDF 49 kB) Rob Schwartz finfish comments
RC160 (PDF 25 kB) Shannon Vandervest gillnet comments
RC161 (PDF 43 kB) Floyd Wood gillnet comments
RC162 (PDF 26 kB) Chad Smith gillnet comments
RC163 (PDF 324 kB) Bruce Marifern proposal comments
RC164 (PDF 301 kB) LeRoy Johns herring comments
RC165 (PDF 307 kB) Tanya Johns herring comments
RC166 (PDF 304 kB) Clayton Dahrst herring comments
RC167 (PDF 307 kB) Kymberly Johns herring comments
RC168 (PDF 305 kB) Dustin Brigham herring comments
RC169 (PDF 303 kB) Kody Johns herring comments
RC170 (PDF 1,499 kB) Zack Foss Proposal 133, 134, 182 & king salmon action plan comments
RC171 (PDF 319 kB) Emil Nelson Sitka herring proposal comments
RC172 (PDF 332 kB) Aaron Miller herring comments
RC173 (PDF 304 kB) Drew Mathisen herring comments
RC174 (PDF 289 kB) Marina Alber herring comments
RC175 (PDF 317 kB) Ezra Campbell herring comments
RC176 (PDF 277 kB) Jared Cockrum herring comments
RC177 (PDF 371 kB) Louie Alber herring comments
RC178 (PDF 311 kB) Trygve Westergard herring comments
RC179 (PDF 287 kB) Joe Schwantes herring comments
RC180 (PDF 369 kB) Deborah Lee Yearwood herring comments
RC181 (PDF 275 kB) Andrew Hankerd herring comments
RC182 (PDF 372 kB) Anna Grace Yearwood herring comments
RC183 (PDF 312 kB) Rocky Rutledge herring comments
RC184 (PDF 390 kB) Charles John Yearwood herring comments
RC185 (PDF 306 kB) Philip Schoesler herring comments
RC186 (PDF 391 kB) Hughie Blake herring comments
RC187 (PDF 435 kB) Luke Lester herring comments
RC188 (PDF 392 kB) Ron Blake herring comments
RC189 (PDF 330 kB) Bert McCay herring comments
RC190 (PDF 688 kB) Gary Haynes herring comments
RC191 (PDF 293 kB) Colin Warren herring comments
RC192 (PDF 1,865 kB) Tommy Sheridan Silver Bay Seafoods herring proposal comments
RC193 (PDF 298 kB) Devlan Warren herring comments
RC194 (PDF 342 kB) Samantha Marifern herring comments
RC195 (PDF 296 kB) Dillon Warren herring comments
RC196 (PDF 325 kB) Victor Jones herring comments
RC197 (PDF 297 kB) Kelly Warren herring comments
RC198 (PDF 371 kB) Raymond May herring comments
RC199 (PDF 304 kB) Tim O'Niell herring comments
RC200 (PDF 299 kB) Marshall Warren herring comments
RC201 (PDF 307 kB) Ronald Porter herring comments
RC202 (PDF 4,898 kB) Matt Kinney Sitka herring petition
RC203 (PDF 628 kB) Harriet Miyasato Beleal herring testimony
RC204 (PDF 409 kB) Jean Arnold herring roe fishery testimony
RC205 (PDF 1,061 kB) Kenyatta Bradley herring testimony
RC206 (PDF 34 kB) Vernon Hill herring comments
RC207 (PDF 31 kB) Kevin Beam troll comments
RC208 (PDF 1,710 kB) Davey Lubin humpback whales & herring research
RC209 (PDF 34 kB) Lance Watkins Proposal 103 withdrawal
RC210 (PDF 140 kB) Boards Support 2018-287-FB Southeast Crab Observer Finding
RC211 (PDF 678 kB) Larry Edwards herring proposal comments
RC212 (PDF 489 kB) Martina Kurzer herring testimony
RC213 (PDF 291 kB) Kelsie Barbour herring comments
RC214 (PDF 569 kB) Holly Marban herring comments
RC215 (PDF 591 kB) Mike Jackson Organized Village of Kake Proposal 99 herring comments
RC216 (PDF 640 kB) Peter Bradley herring testimony
RC217 (PDF 562 kB) Dennis Thacker Proposal 159 comments
RC218 (PDF 991 kB) Matt Donohoe king salmon troll comments
RC219 (PDF 515 kB) Eric Jordan Proposal 174 substitute language
RC220 (PDF 1,299 kB) Debe Brincefield herring testimony
RC221 (PDF 17,860 kB) ADF&G per Payton Subsistence Harvest of Pacific Herring Spawn in Sitka Sound
RC222 (PDF 19 kB) Richard Eliason USAG & SEAS Agreement comments
RC223 (PDF 28 kB) Southeast Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council Proposal 195 & 196 comments
RC224 (PDF 808 kB) Martin Johnson USAG & SEAS Agreement comments
RC225 (PDF 951 kB) Dale Kelley Alaska Trollers Association Stocks of Concern Action Plan testimony
RC226 (PDF 203 kB) Southeast Herring Conservation Alliance Proposal 94 support withdrawal
RC227 (PDF 1,381 kB) Kenyatta Bradley revised RC205 testimony
RC228 (PDF 1,047 kB) Chris Conder Juneau Charter Boat Owners Assoc additional comments
RC229 (PDF 545 kB) Ralph Brady herring testimony
RC230 (PDF 491 kB) Cale LaDuke Proposal 116 & king salmon comments
RC231 (PDF 818 kB) Lisa Terry Alaska Independent Tendermen's Association herring comments
RC232 (PDF 5,555 kB) Cynthia Wallesz USAG Lynn Canal salmon in drift gillnets research
RC233 (PDF 352 kB) Jeff Farvour Ketchikan area remote lodges map
RC234 (PDF 19 kB) Patrick Dunbar Proposal 155 comments
RC235 (PDF 4,909 kB) Nancy Hillstrand PWS straying petition background
RC236 (PDF 158 kB) ADF&G Finfish Public Testimony Log
RC237 (PDF 448 kB) ADFG for Morisky link to enhanceement straying research
RC238 (PDF 347 kB) Jacob Miller comments king salmon management
RC239 (PDF 1,020 kB) Ken Gross 15a action plan options
RC240 (PDF 26 kB) Jack Lane oppose USAG and SEAS agreement
RC241 (PDF 944 kB) Ron Summerville for Territorial Sportsmen withdraw proposal 134
RC242 (PDF 518 kB) ADFG Taku River CWT Recoveries
RC243 (PDF 533 kB) ADFG Stikine River CWT Recoveries
RC244 (PDF 2,113 kB) Matt Kinney proof of herring egg sale
RC245 (PDF 50 kB) Department of Law Comments on Proposals for Southeast Finfish
RC246 (PDF 65 kB) Dalton Bergman oppose USAG and SEAS agreement
RC247 (PDF 449 kB) Tim Ty and Cody Grussendorf oppose USAG and SEAS Agreement
RC248 (PDF 475 kB) SEAFA Ammended Language Prop 150
RC249 (PDF 593 kB) ADFG Stikine and Taku River Harvest by Gear Type
RC250 (PDF 894 kB) Tad Fujioka Unuk Troll
RC251 (PDF 497 kB) Moses Johnson USAG and SEAS Agreement
RC252 (PDF 263 kB) ADFG Substitute Language Proposal 135
RC253 (PDF 443 kB) NSRAA USAG and SEAS Agreement
RC254 (PDF 547 kB) ADFG Subsistence Net Attendance Yakutat
RC255 (PDF 203 kB) William Priscandaro Withdraw Proposal 167
RC256 (PDF 454 kB) Sitka AC Proposal 144 Deep Inlet
RC257 (PDF 577 kB) Todd Bailey USAG and SEAS Agreement
RC258 (PDF 306 kB) Michael Bujacich Deep Inlet Gillnet Comments
RC259 (PDF 1,105 kB) USAG Chilkat and King Salmon River Action Plan Comments
RC260 (PDF 284 kB) Eric Jordan Substitute Language Proposal 144
RC261 (PDF 1,275 kB) Cale Ladcke Deep Inlet Gillnet Comments
RC262 (PDF 888 kB) Klawock Cooperative Association Withdraw Proposal 187
RC263 (PDF 40 kB) ADFG for Ruffner Substitute Language Proposals 141 and 157
RC264 (PDF 2,344 kB) Dan Ernhart TRC Substitute Language Proposal 156
RC265 (PDF 550 kB) Eric Jordan Copy of 2012 RC 75 Chum Troll
RC266 (PDF 217 kB) ADFG action plan reccomendations
RC267 (PDF 863 kB) Southeast Alaska Subsistence Regional Advisory Council Comments Proposals 195 and 196
RC268 (PDF 27 kB) ADFG for Payton Substitute Language Proposal 159
RC269 (PDF 2,467 kB) ALFA PVOA SEAFA Allocation Criteria and Conservation Considerations
RC270 (PDF 207 kB) USAG Support RC 263
RC271 (PDF 29 kB) ADFG per Payton substitute langugae 144
RC272 (PDF 411 kB) Russell A Holbrook Support RC 263
RC273 (PDF 265 kB) Eric Bezenek Supprort RC 263
RC274 (PDF 299 kB) Steve and Colleen Paris Support RC 263
RC275 (PDF 271 kB) Robert Martin Support RC 263
RC276 (PDF 275 kB) Steve Fossman Support RC 263
RC277 (PDF 383 kB) Joel Brady-Power Proposal 181
RC278 (PDF 277 kB) Blake Bousley Support RC 263
RC279 (PDF 168 kB) William Auger Support RC 263
RC280 (PDF 543 kB) James Thomsen RC 153
RC281 (PDF 183 kB) Ryan Cook Withdraw Proposal 168
RC282 (PDF 191 kB) Winston Davis Support RC 263
RC283 (PDF 1,084 kB) Mike Svenson Proposal 107
RC284 (PDF 339 kB) ADFG for Ruffner Substitute Language Proposal 151
RC285 (PDF 274 kB) SEAFA et al McDonald Lake Sockeye Stock of Concern Action Plan
RC286 (PDF 176 kB) Yakutat AC withdraw 162
RC287 (PDF 412 kB) Chandler OConnell Comments on Proposals 98 and 99
RC288 (PDF 671 kB) Chandler OConnell Excerpts Madonna Moss Herring Study
RC289 (PDF 423 kB) Joel Brady-Power Amended Version RC 277
RC290 (PDF 1,076 kB) Alaire Hughey Support Herring Proposals 98 99 105 106
RC291 (PDF 311 kB) Joel Jackson Herring Comments
RC292 (PDF 450 kB) Zach Wass Comments Herring Managment Plan
RC293 (PDF 586 kB) Jenna Martin Support Herring Proposals 98 99 105 106
RC294 (PDF 253 kB) Gretchen Clarke Support Herring Proposals 98 99 105 106
RC295 (PDF 1,407 kB) James Moore Summer Chinook open date
RC296 (PDF 1,071 kB) Craig AC re RC266
RC297 (PDF 1,198 kB) Matthew Donohoe re RC266
RC298 (PDF 1,338 kB) ATA Action plans and misc
RC299 (PDF 44 kB) Eric Jordan re RC266
RC300 (PDF 309 kB) Caven Pfeiffer re RC266
RC301 (PDF 784 kB) Territorial Sportsmen re RC266
RC302 (PDF 44 kB) Paul Olson re RC266
RC303 (PDF 354 kB) Courtney Howard re RC266
RC304 (PDF 268 kB) Peter Roddy re RC266
RC305 (PDF 508 kB) Zach Foss re RC266
RC306 (PDF 365 kB) Jacquie Foss re RC266
RC307 (PDF 1,005 kB) Joel Brady-Power re RC266
RC308 (PDF 1,708 kB) Tad Fujioka re RC266
RC309 (PDF 624 kB) Katie Riley Herring
RC310 (PDF 575 kB) Matt Lawrie re RC266 Unuk
RC311 (PDF 460 kB) AK Longline Fishermens Assc re RC266
RC312 (PDF 622 kB) USAG re RC266
RC313 (PDF 227 kB) Yakutat AC Prop 183
RC314 (PDF 458 kB) Jeff Farvour re RC266
RC315 (PDF 68 kB) Amy Schaub Prop 159
RC316 (PDF 59 kB) Ryan Cook re RC266
RC317 (PDF 57 kB) William Prisciandaro re RC266
RC318 (PDF 353 kB) Bert Bergman RC266 Summer Troll open
RC319 (PDF 335 kB) Joel Kawahara RC266
RC320 (PDF 529 kB) Joe Daniels re RC266
RC321 (PDF 277 kB) Dugan Daniels RC266 Summer Troll open
RC322 (PDF 890 kB) John Murray re RC266
RC323 (PDF 464 kB) John Murray re Prop 181
RC324 (PDF 30 kB) Joel Randrup re RC266
RC325 (PDF 15,863 kB) Nancy Hillstrand Inter-Regional Straying Hatcheries
RC326 (PDF 95 kB) Zach Worrell re RC266
RC327 (PDF 1,596 kB) SEAFA additional comments multiple proposals
RC328 (PDF 379 kB) Jeff Turner Troll Action Plan RC 266
RC329 (PDF 306 kB) Ron Cunningham Troll Action Plan RC 266
RC330 (PDF 930 kB) Rosita F Worl Review of Herring Synthesis
RC331 (PDF 9 kB) ADFG for Payton Substitute Language for Proposal 165
RC332 (PDF 353 kB) Lindsay Johnson Troll Comments RC 289
RC333 (PDF 373 kB) Yakutat AC Proposal 165
RC334 (PDF 27 kB) ADFG for Morisky Substitute Language Proposal 188
RC335 (PDF 346 kB) Kyle Robertson Comments Herring Proposals
RC336 (PDF 348 kB) Lisa Robertson Comments Herring Proposals
RC337 (PDF 365 kB) Louise Brady Herring Egg Distribution
RC338 (PDF 360 kB) Steve Feenstra Comments Herring Proposals
RC339 (PDF 308 kB) ADFG for Ruffner Substitute Language Proposal 183
RC340 (PDF 632 kB) Thomas F Thornton Herring Proposals
RC341 (PDF 646 kB) Kyle Rosendale Testimony Herring
RC342 (PDF 1,270 kB) Florence Welsh Comments Herring
RC343 (PDF 756 kB) Elsa Sebastian Comments Herring Sac Roe
RC344 (PDF 369 kB) Matthew Jackson Comments Herring Sac Roe
RC345 (PDF 545 kB) Jackie Ferro Support Herring Proposals 99 105 106
RC346 (PDF 362 kB) Louise Brady Comments Herring Roe
RC347 (PDF 936 kB) Deborah Head Sitka Sac Roe
RC348 (PDF 716 kB) Charles L Christensen Support Herring Proposals 94 and 104
RC349 (PDF 504 kB) United Fishermen Of Alaska Opposition of Herring Proposals 98 99 105 106
RC350 (PDF 467 kB) ADFG for Cain Herring Spawn LTK Maps
RC351 (PDF 411 kB) ADFG for Cain Herring Spawn LTK Lynn Canal
RC352 (PDF 452 kB) Icy Strait Seafoods Oppose Herring Proposals 98 99 105 and 106
RC353 (PDF 427 kB) Support Herring Proposals 94 and 104
RC354 (PDF 321 kB) Bill Menish Support Herring Proposals 94 and 104
RC355 (PDF 99 kB) Greg Indreland Comments Proposal 165
RC356 (PDF 510 kB) James Hubbard Proposal 116
RC357 (PDF 261 kB) Fredrick Phillips Proposal 116
RC358 (PDF 392 kB) Steve Merritt Comments Proposal 108 and Craig AC
RC359 (PDF 364 kB) Richard Eliason Oppose USAG and SEAS Agreement
RC360 (PDF 230 kB) Tracy Rivera RC 266 Summer Troll Open
RC361 (PDF 778 kB) Brannon Finney Sitka Sac Roe
RC362 (PDF 348 kB) Thomas Nelson Oppose Herring 98 and 99
RC363 (PDF 319 kB) Mike Kurtz Support Herring Proposals 94 and 104
RC364 (PDF 395 kB) Paul Cyr EC Phillips and Son Support Herring Proposals 94 and 104
RC365 (PDF 446 kB) Herring Rock Water Protectors Herring as Forage Fish
RC366 (PDF 672 kB) North Pacific Fisheries Association Comments on Herring Proposals
RC367 (PDF 431 kB) Matthew Camarado Support Herring Proposals 94 and 104
RC368 (PDF 461 kB) ADFG for Ruffner Substitute Language for Proposal 114
RC369 (PDF 4,050 kB) Herring Rock Water Protectors for Johnson Timeline Herring Fisheries Thornton et al
RC370 (PDF 3,108 kB) Herring Rock Water Protectors for Johnson Herring Lifecycle Thorntons Herring Synthesis
RC371 (PDF 2,016 kB) Herring Rock Water Protectors Observed Spawn Thornton Herring Synthesis
RC372 (PDF 2,466 kB) Peter Bradley Adaptive Managment Tech Tornton Herring Syenthesis
RC373 (PDF 402 kB) Petersburg Chamber Of Commerce Sac Roe Herring Fishery
RC374 (PDF 650 kB) Clyde Curry Sitka Sac Roe Herring
RC375 (PDF 526 kB) Ernest Karass Sitka Sac Roe Herring
RC376 (PDF 426 kB) Tony Moran Support Proposals 94 and 104
RC377 (PDF 857 kB) Ceri Malein Comments on RC 266
RC378 (PDF 973 kB) Jeff Feldpausch Herring Proposal 99
RC379 (PDF 735 kB) Southeast Herring Conservation Alliance Subsistence Herring Eggs
RC380 (PDF 381 kB) Southeast Herring Conservation Alliance Subsistence Herring Eggs
RC381 (PDF 927 kB) Southeast Herring Conservation Alliance Herring as Forage Fish
RC382 (PDF 355 kB) Sawyer Smith Support Herring Proposals 98 99 105 106
RC383 (PDF 580 kB) Alaire Hughey Herring Subsistence
RC384 (PDF 407 kB) Emma Bruhl Herring Comments
RC385 (PDF 37 kB) Bill Thomas re RC266
RC386 (PDF 168 kB) ammendments to RC 266
RC387 (PDF 412 kB) Ketchikan Indian Community Herring Prop 99
RC388 (PDF 12 kB) ADFG Darrell Kapp Original Proposal SOK EF-F16-067
RC389 (PDF 624 kB) Sitka Tribe Of Alaska Ammendment to Herring Proposal 99
RC390 (PDF 236 kB) ADFG for Payton Information Proposal 116
RC391 (PDF 225 kB) ADFG for Morisky Substitute Language Proposal 128
RC392 (PDF 425 kB) Eric Jordan for Cain Sitka AC Proposal 99 Ammendment
RC393 (PDF 1,278 kB) James Moore RC 266
RC394 (PDF 274 kB) SHCA Withdraw Proposal 401
RC395 (PDF 50 kB) ADFG for Ruffner Substitute Language Proposal 108
RC396 (PDF 296 kB) ADFG for Jensen Information for Proposal 116
RC397 (PDF 526 kB) Alaskan Family Fisheries Coho Comments
RC398 (PDF 337 kB) Troy Muntz and Jessie Jeske Coho Troll Comments
RC399 (PDF 288 kB) Robert Riggs Comment on RC 266
RC400 (PDF 354 kB) Morgan Miller Comments on RC 266
RC401 (PDF 300 kB) Ryan Kelly Comments on RC 266
RC402 (PDF 1,102 kB) Sitka Tribe of Alaska OMA Violation
RC403 (PDF 317 kB) Stephen Rhoads Sport Sable Fish Catch By Year
RC404 (PDF 254 kB) Harriet Miyasato Beleal 2017 Herring Egg Subsistence
RC405 (PDF 401 kB) Carina Nichols Proposal 116 and RC 269
RC406 (PDF 231 kB) ADFG for Ruffner Substitute Language Proposal 128
RC407 (PDF 3,317 kB) Sitka Tribe Of Alaska Proposals 98 and 107
RC408 (PDF 197 kB) Chilkat Indian Village re RC266
RC409 (PDF 102 kB) ADFG Boards UCI Meeting Location Policy
RC410 (PDF 1,006 kB) Silver Bay Seafoods Support for Collaboration RCs 379 and 380
RC411 (PDF 865 kB) ADFG Boards Policy Regarding Location of UCI Finfish
RC412 (PDF 478 kB) Chandler OConnell Herring Comments
RC413 (PDF 1,199 kB) Jeff Farvour Draft Letter to NPFMC Re Salmon PSC Limits
RC414 (PDF 524 kB) John Murray Stock of Concern
RC415 (PDF 51 kB) Tony Strong RC266 Chilkat subsistence
RC416 (PDF 3,097 kB) Deborah Lyons Clairification of Relationship SOA and PSC
RC417 (PDF 124 kB) Lynn Ewing gillnet proposals
RC418 (PDF 575 kB) ATA Action Plans
RC419 (PDF 1,763 kB) ADFG Boards Joint Board Committee Meeting Summary
RC420 (PDF 68 kB) ADFG Boards Misc Business Agenda SE Jan 2018
RC421 (PDF 189 kB) SEAS Language Added RC 386
RC422 (PDF 217 kB) ADFG action plan recommendations
RC423 (PDF 223 kB) ADFG Boards RC Log SE

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