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Kodiak Finfish – January 7–10, 2014 (REVISED MEETING DATE)

Comment Deadline: December 23, 2013

Location: Kodiak – Kodiak Harbor Convention Center

Meeting Summary:

Meeting Documents:

Department Reports:

CFEC Memo, Comments & Reports:

Record Copy (RC) — Submitted during the meeting

Record Copy (RC) # Description
RC004 (PDF 122 kB) ADFG Selected Kodiak Area Salmon Management Plans and Other Regulations
RC005 (PDF 23 kB) Judith Francisco Support for 99
RC006 (PDF 22 kB) Leon Francisco Support for 99
RC007 (PDF 22 kB) Tim Francisco Support for 99
RC008 (PDF 21 kB) Bryan Francisco Support for 99
RC009 (PDF 22 kB) Katerine Rentko Support for 99
RC010 (PDF 22 kB) James Johnson Support for 99
RC011 (PDF 17 kB) Darlene Johnson Support for 99
RC012 (PDF 55 kB) Taylor Kristine Stumpf Halibut Overfishing
RC013 (PDF 297 kB) Fred Stager Comments on 89-95 and 98
RC014 (PDF 136 kB) Jim Stone Scallops Fishery
RC015 (PDF 119 kB) Ron Kavanaugh Opposition to Proposals 88-97 Support 98
RC016 (PDF 52 kB) John Jones Support for Proposal 94
RC017 (PDF 247 kB) ADFG Groundfish Stat Areas
RC018 (PDF 63 kB) Matthew Graham Opposition to Proposal 44
RC019 (PDF 63 kB) ADFG Statewaters Weathervane Scallop Management Plan
RC020 (PDF 176 kB) Duncan Fields Letter to Board
RC021 (PDF 274 kB) Scallop Plan Team Report
RC022 (PDF 126 kB) Nina Burkholder Frazer Lake Sockeye
RC023 (PDF 459 kB) Bruce-Barrett Cape Igvak Mgt Plan
RC024 (PDF 108 kB) George Anderson Cape Igvak Mgt Plan
RC025 (PDF 169 kB) Alf Pryor Frazer Lake
RC026 (PDF 50 kB) Mori Jones Igvak Comments
RC027 (PDF 56 kB) Dale Carlson Igvak Reporting
RC028 (PDF 225 kB) Rick Metzger Alitak Setnet Fishery
RC029 (PDF 51 kB) Toby Sullivan Sockeye Harvest
RC030 (PDF 61 kB) Ron Naughton Letter to Board
RC031 (PDF 57 kB) George Hutching Retained Trawl Species
RC032 (PDF 437 kB) AK Groundfish Data Bank Comments
RC033 (PDF 30 kB) Jason and Corina Watt Support 99
RC034 (PDF 34 kB) Jason and Corina Watt Oppose 88
RC035 (PDF 69 kB) Ed Fisher Oppose 88
RC036 (PDF 81 kB) Kevin Fisher Oppose 88
RC037 (PDF 234 kB) John M Carthy Pollock TAC
RC038 (PDF 44 kB) Alf Pryor The Alitak Factor
RC039 (PDF 105 kB) Rick Blanc Information for Board
RC040 (PDF 43 kB) Alitak Setnet Assoc Desired Changes
RC041 (PDF 21 kB) Bryan Horn Support of 94
RC042 (PDF 36 kB) Chris Kouremetis Stance on Proposals
RC043 (PDF 169 kB) AK Legislature Rep. Seaton Proposal 369
RC044 (PDF 26 kB) Duncan Fields Proposal 102
RC045 (PDF 34 kB) Duncan Fields Chinook Salmon PSC
RC046 (PDF 34 kB) Duncan Fields Hatchery Release Information
RC047 (PDF 9 kB) ADFG Frazer Lake Escapement Data
RC048 (PDF 103 kB) adfg Alitak District Sockeye Harvest by District
RC049 (PDF 125 kB) Patrick Pikus Oral Testimony
RC050 (PDF 18 kB) Sam Mutch Cost Revenue Comparison
RC051 (PDF 38 kB) Oliver Holm KRAA Telrod Cost Recovery
RC052 (PDF 20 kB) Matt Hegge Sub Lang Proposal 44
RC053 (PDF 132 kB) George Hutchings Trawl Map
RC054 (PDF 39 kB) Bruce Schactler Requested Links
RC055 (PDF 83 kB) Paul Shadura Support for 92 & 99
RC056 (PDF 112 kB) Chris Berns Regarding Proposal 95
RC057 (PDF 77 kB) Charlie Freeburg Trawl Letter
RC058 (PDF 113 kB) Kevin Fisher Oral Testimony
RC059 (PDF 76 kB) ADFG Public Testimony List
RC060 (PDF 21 kB) AK Scallop Association
RC061 (PDF 167 kB) ADFG Rockfish Sport Harvest
RC062 (PDF 46 kB) Rick Corazza Vessel Limits Proposal 369
RC063 (PDF 58 kB) KACO Proposal 100 Amendment
RC064 (PDF 22 kB) ADFG Correction to rc47
RC065 (PDF 63 kB) Member Jensen Scallop Mtg Plan
RC066 (PDF 105 kB) ADFG Summary King-Salmon CWT
RC067 (PDF 41 kB) Bruce Weyhrauch Response to rc43 & rc62
RC068 (PDF 28 kB) Chris Berns regarding Proposal 95
RC069 (PDF 396 kB) Jamie Ross Igvak Earnings
RC070 (PDF 17 kB) Nina Burkholder Alitak Amendment
RC071 (PDF 99 kB) Chuck McCallum Igvak Info
RC072 (PDF 20 kB) Duncan Fields Amendment to 96
RC073 (PDF 36 kB) Jamie Ross Chignik Harvest
RC074 (PDF 16 kB) Wallace Fields Sub Lang Proposal 99
RC075 (PDF 170 kB) Paul Shadura Support Information for 45
RC076 (PDF 178 kB) Norm Darch Information for 94 98 100
RC077 (PDF 249 kB) Paul Shadura Comments on 94 98 100
RC078 (PDF 123 kB) Member Jensen Sub Lang Proposal 88
RC079 (PDF 28 kB) Kevin Fisher Substitute Lang 88
RC080 (PDF 29 kB) Kevin Fisher Substitute Lang 88 replaces rc79
RC081 (PDF 83 kB) Member Johnstone Retention of Chinook
RC082 (PDF 8 kB) Member Morisky Retention of King Salmon
RC083 (PDF 256 kB) AK Groundfish Data Bank regarding Proposal 83
RC084 (PDF 101 kB) Christina Shadura Information for Proposal 45
RC085 (PDF 96 kB) ADFG Commissioner's Permit Requirements
RC086 (PDF 85 kB) ADFG Nonpelagic Trawl Effort and Harvest
RC087 (PDF 24 kB) Christine Brandt General Correspondence
RC088 (PDF 43 kB) Chad See Rollback Cod GHL Request
RC089 (PDF 23 kB) Julie Kavanaugh Concern regarding Proposal 96
RC090 (PDF 22 kB) Raymond May Kodiak State Pollock Seine
RC091 (PDF 15 kB) Matt Hegge Request No Action on 43
RC092 (PDF 54 kB) Matt Hegge Information for Prop 44
RC093 (PDF 188 kB) Member Kluberton Reg Lang Prop 96
RC094 (PDF 187 kB) ADFG Misc Business Agenda Kodiak BOF
RC095 (PDF 147 kB) Proposal 376 Yukon Purse Seine
RC096 (PDF 187 kB) REVISED Misc Business Agenda Kodiak January 2014

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