Hunt Dates and Permit

Hunt Dates

The Delta bison hunting season is October 1 – March 31. Starting dates for individual hunters are staggered to provide safer conditions for hunters and landowners, as well as for the well-being of the bison herd. Your permit will become effective on the start day assigned to you and will remain in effect until the close of the bison hunting season or until you kill a bison. Your start date was assigned based on the order your permit was drawn.

Bison Drawing Permit

The Hunting Permit

You will receive your bison permit in the mail. Please take note of the following details about your permit:

  • Prior to hunting, sign the back of your permit.
  • Carry the date validation portion of the permit while you are hunting and validate it by punching out the month and date immediately after harvesting an animal.
  • You must complete the permit report (the larger portion of the permit) and return this report to ADF&G along with any checkout forms or biological samples required.
  • If you are unsuccessful or do not hunt, you are still required to fill out and return your drawing report card.