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Commercial Groundfish Fisheries
Southeast Alaska & Yakutat

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game Region I Groundfish Project manages and performs research for groundfish fisheries in Southeast Alaska from the Canadian border to the Yakutat area. This group actively manages directed fisheries for sablefish (longline/pot), lingcod (dinglebar/jig), demersal shelf rockfish (DSR; longline), black rockfish (primarily mechanical jig), and Pacific cod (longline). The directed sablefish fisheries occur in Chatham and Clarence Straits and are limited entry. The other directed groundfish fisheries are open access. All directed groundfish fisheries require a permit from the Commercial Fishery Entry Commission (CFEC) and (with the exception of Pacific cod) registration at an ADF&G office prior to fishing. Research is performed for groundfish fisheries through port sampling, surveys, and tagging programs. Annual stock assessments are performed for the Chatham Strait sablefish and the DSR fisheries. Mark-recapture methods are used to estimate abundance for the Chatham Strait sablefish fishery, and a habitat- based stock assessment is used for the DSR fishery. The density of yelloweye rockfish, the primary target of the DSR complex, is estimated from a survey using a manned submersible, and rockfish habitat is estimated using sonar and fishing data.


Recorded Announcements: For recorded fishery information in Southeast Alaska
please see the Southeast Contacts page.

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