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Required Reports: Freshwater/Estuarine

Recipients of a fish resource permit issued for any freshwater/estuarine species must submit a collection report regarding their activities within 30 days of permit expiration. We require that you submit your information electronically, on a form specified by the department (link provided below). A completed report must include: numbers of each species collected, date and location taken, disposition of the specimens and, when applicable or available, other information required in the permit or requested in the form.

Your permit may also require that you submit a comprehensive completion report (with abstract, background, methods, data, and analysis). The completion report can be submitted with the collection report above. Alternatively, you can submit it within six months of your permit’s expiration. Typically, we consider agency or contract-type reports adequate. Also, we offer some flexibility in terms of completion report due dates for projects that are multi-year. Data from all reports are considered public information.

The commissioner will not re-issue a permit to a permittee or the sponsoring agency until the above reporting requirements are satisfactorily met.

Email your completed form and, if applicable, mail or email your close-out report, to the department’s Fish Resource Permit Coordinator for freshwater species (see contacts).