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Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Fish, Amphibian, & Aquatic Plants Permits

Freshwater Fish, Aquatic Plants, Amphibians and Ornamental Fish

Scott Ayers
Fish Resource Permit Program Coordinator
Division of Sport Fish
(907) 267-2517 phone
(907) 267-2464 fax

Saltwater Fish, Aquatic Plants and Propagation
and Fish Transport – Fresh water or Salt water

Michelle Morris, Permit Coordinator
Fisheries Monitoring, Permitting and Development
Division of Commercial Fisheries
(907) 465-4724
(907) 465-4168 fax

State Fish Pathologist

Ted Meyers, PhD.
State Fish Pathologist
Division of Commercial Fisheries
(907) 465-3577 phone
(907) 465-3510 fax

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