Fish, Amphibian, & Aquatic Plants Permits
Incubation Permits

An incubation permit is a type of fish resource permit and is required for teachers who wish to take, transport, possess, and hold live fish and their eggs (typically salmon; excludes goldfish and ornamental fish) for a classroom or school incubation project. A classroom incubation project usually requires a recirculating aquarium for up to 500 eggs. A vocational project usually requires a separate incubation facility for up to 50,000 eggs. The project review takes approximately 30 days.

Incubation Project Forms

Select the form that pertains to your proposed activity, fill it in, and submit it to the appropriate contact.

Application for a Vocational Project (up to 50,000 eggs)

Application for Classroom Incubation Project (up to 500 eggs)

Report Forms for Classroom Incubation Project