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Minto Flats — State Game Refuge
Visitor Information

Public Use and Access

Road access to the refuge is available from an extension of the Murphy Dome Road on the east, and the Minto village access road on the west. Refuge users also have boat access via the Tanana River or can fly into refuge waters. There are no developed public use facilities such as campgrounds or picnic areas at refuge access points. Minto Flats has traditionally been and remains an important area for harvesting fish, wildlife, and other resources for Athabaskan Indians living in Minto and Nenana. The area is also an important fish and wildlife use area for Fairbanks area residents. Minto Flats produces the highest waterfowl harvest in the state and provides the third highest number of waterfowl hunter days.

Minto Flats Trails Map (PDF 126 kB)
Minto Flats Boundary Map (PDF 606 kB)

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