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Izembek — State Game Refuge
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Public Use and Access

The lagoon is reached from the community of Cold Bay by road through Izembek National Wildlife Refuge. Izembek Lagoon is also accessed by wheel-planes landing on unimproved beaches, and by boat. Izembek Lagoon is popular with waterfowl hunters and bird watchers alike. Avid waterfowl hunters consider the lagoon a prime hunting area. Wildlife enthusiasts from around the world visit the refuge to witness the great waterfowl and shorebird convention. When conditions allow, commercial fishermen seine for sockeye and chum salmon in Moffett Bay and Izembek Lagoon, and fish drift gillnets for chum salmon off-shore of the barrier islands. No public use facilities exist in the refuge. Visitors should be prepared for frequently occurring wind, rain, fog, and cold temperatures. Contact the Department of Fish and Game regional office in Anchorage or the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge office in Cold Bay to learn about current restrictions for off-road vehicle use and airplane landing in the refuge.

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