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Common Hunting Violations

Following are some common violations of Alaska's regulations and statutes regarding hunting.

  • Party hunting: filling another person's bag limit or sharing permits and tags
  • Failure to know where one is hunting (wrong unit, closed area, controlled use area, etc.)
  • Failure to punch or validate harvest ticket or permit
  • Failure to return completed harvest or permit report
  • Shooting from, on, or across a highway
  • Shooting from a motorized vehicle while it is in motion
  • Failure to salvage or possess the edible meat of a big game animal or wild fowl
  • Failure to return specimens required for some hunts: teeth, horns, antlers, skull, etc.
  • Failure to identify game: shooting wrong-size or wrong sex sheep and moose
  • Aircraft misuse: same-day airborne hunting, aerial spotting or herding, etc.
  • Using a harvest ticket in a permit hunt area
  • Exceeding the bag limit by herd shooting and by being confused about hunting in single- and multiple bag limit areas
  • Failure to leave proof of animal's sex attached to meat or hide as required
  • Failure to report defense of life or property kills
  • Failure to use export permit to ship raw skins
  • Failure to sign duck stamps
  • Shooting waterfowl before and after legal shooting hours
  • Shooting an unplugged shotgun at waterfowl
  • Failure to seal furbearers and bears within the time limit
  • Using artificial lights for hunting big game and furbearers
  • Failure to use steel shot for waterfowl