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Reporting Your Hunt

Ella's Cabin Checkpoint on the Koyukuk River
Ella's Cabin Checkpoint on the Koyukuk River

Hunter reports are important to Alaska wildlife managers. We urge you to quickly report your harvest on the appropriate form. Most general season hunts are reported on a "harvest report" postcard issued along with the "harvest ticket." Permit hunts are reported on a similar form that ADF&G issues along with the permit. In some hunts, your harvest must be reported within a day or two so wildlife managers can ensure harvest quotas are not exceeded. You will be able to mail a postage paid card for most hunts, however. Recognizing the importance of this information, the Alaska Board of Game authorized ADF&G to institute a "failure-to-report (FTR) list" for hunters who fail to return certain harvest reports. "FTR" hunters are ineligible to receive any drawing, registration, Tier I or Tier II permits the year following their negligence.

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